LWSD Partnership with EvergreenHealth Social Workers

The Lake Washington School District (LWSD) has a partnership with EvergreenHealth to employ social workers at each of its four high schools—Eastlake, Juanita, Lake Washington and Redmond.

The social workers are on site at the high schools to provide crisis intervention, psychosocial and risk assessments, safety planning and brief interventions. They provide ongoing behavioral health support until they are able to connect students with an outside referral.

Staff and parents are also able to consult with the social workers regarding interventions, psychoeducation and community resources, and  are able to assist with referrals to primary care, specialty care and mental health providers.

Please note that LWSD social workers are unable to provide counseling or therapy services. They are able to provide short term support, stabilization, assessment and referral to outside resources for long term or ongoing therapy solutions.

Social workers

Office hours

  • Social workers are available to provide support to LWSD high school students, parents and staff every day that school is in session (M-F, excluding holidays) during regular school hours.
  • To meet, contact your school’s social worker at the email address above or video message them on Teams to schedule a time.


Spring groups will begin the week of April 26 and end the last week of school

All groups are drop-in. Group starts promptly, so please do your best to be on time! Because it is a drop-in group if no one attends within ten minutes, the group will be cancelled and resume the following week.

Links will only work during the time group is in progress. Groups are available for LWSD high school students, parents/guardians, and teachers/staff. See group descriptions for more information.

Student Groups

When: Wednesdays
Time: 2-3 p.m.
Audience: Open group for all LWSD students

To drop In:

Juanita High Schoolclick to join

Lake Washington High Schoolclick to join

Redmond High Schoolclick to join

Description: This past year has been extremely difficult during this pandemic: isolating at home, social distancing, and not being able to go to school. Some students plan to return to the building and others plan to stay home. Regardless, this transition is difficult and students, more than ever, are experiencing increased levels of stress, anxiety, depression, and isolation. Join us virtually on Wednesday afternoons to connect with fellow students for some extra support. We will talk about struggles and successes and get some ideas for how to cope with isolation, the pandemic, lack of motivation, stress, and anxiety. Group will be tailored to student interests based on attendees.

Contact Julie George at c-jgeorge@lwsd.org 

Parenting Support: As We Transition Back to School

When: Tuesdays
Time: 6-7 p.m.
Audience: Open group for parents and guardians of students at LWSD high schools

To drop In: Click here to join the meeting

Description: The COVID pandemic has created many challenges and unforeseen obstacles for parents. This is an opportunity for parents and guardians to vent and talk about frustration and worry, as students transition back to in-person learning or whether they remain at home. This drop-in group will provide parents with an opportunity to discuss parenting tips and to share your successes and struggles in a supportive environment with other parents.

Questions: Contact Suzanne Campiche at c-scampiche@lwsd.org 

LWSD Staff and Teacher Support Group

When: Wednesdays
Time: 8 -10 a.m.
Audience: All staff/teachers from LWSD who work at Eastlake, Juanita, Lake WA, and Redmond high schools

To drop In: Click here to join the meeting 

Description: During these unprecedented times of COVID, remote learning/education, and now with the transition to in-person learning, people are experiencing increased levels of stress, anxiety, depression, and isolation. Come join fellow school staff to vent and share ideas about how you are coping (or not!) at this time. This is an informal, conversational drop-in group.

Questions: Contact Molly Hart at c-mhart@lwsd.org