Lung Cancer Nurse Navigator

At EvergreenHealth, you have a powerful ally as you face a daunting diagnosis.

It's your lung cancer nurse navigator, who'll be right alongside you in the pulmonary clinic as you hear the details of your lung cancer diagnosis. Your navigator has already been hard at work setting up your next appointments, and will have information about our cancer program at the ready for you.

This means you will leave this initial meeting with your lung cancer treatment plan in hand.

How does a lung cancer nurse navigator help you?

Your lung cancer nurse navigator is your partner through treatment and aftercare. Our navigators are experienced oncology nurses – not program aides – who use their years of experience and expertise in the cancer field to help you every step of the way.

Our navigators see their role as like an air traffic controller, walking you through the next steps of your journey and making sure you understand what's coming and why it's coming next. They also help to facilitate the best care for you in a timely manner, even advocating for earlier appointments to get you started on your cancer treatments sooner if necessary.

Your lung cancer nurse navigator will:

Schedule all of your necessary appointments.

Instead of giving you a list of physicians and phone numbers to call for appointments, your navigator will do all of that for you, scheduling your tests, imaging studies, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Then she'll give you a schedule for your appointments. We want you to be able to sit back and take care of yourself, and not worry about scheduling.

Throughout your treatment, your navigator will keep checking in with you to make sure everything is on track.

Answer your questions

Our lung cancer navigator has guided hundreds of people through treatment and survivorship, so they're ready to answer – and sometimes even anticipate – your questions.

At your initial meeting, your navigator will provide you with her phone number and email so you can contact her when you have a question or just need to talk. It's important that you know you're supported and not alone, and that your navigator is here for you.

Help facilitate communication with providers

If you have a question about your treatment, side effects or anything else concerning your therapies or your health, you don't need to go through phone trees or figure out who to leave a message with. Your lung cancer nurse navigator can help get you connected with the correct nurse or medical assistant in a timely manner. And because the medical staff know your navigator's expertise and background in oncology, they trust her judgment in reaching out.

Set you up with oncology dieticians

Our oncology dieticians provide nutritional counseling that will help support your immune system as your body fights the cancer, as well as lessen the side effects of treatment. Learn more about how our oncology dieticians can help you. [LINK]

Schedule appointments with oncology social workers

Our social workers can help you with information about transportation to your appointments, coping strategies and how to plan and prepare for the experience of cancer treatment. They know each patient is unique – some may have concerns about their work while others have questions about taking care of their families.

They can also help answer questions about finances, which can be difficult to understand with all of the insurance changes. Learn more about how our oncology social workers can help you.

Guide you to support groups and classes 

Sharing your experience with others going through the same battle can be a big help. We partner with Cancer Lifeline to offer a wide range of classes and support groups at the Halvorson Cancer Center for you, your family and your caregivers. You can also attend a cooking class in our spacious demonstration kitchen and get new recipes that are both immunity building and delicious.

Explain resources available in the Cancer Resource Center

These include access to reliable cancer information, as well as answers to your questions about community resources.

You'll also find helpful products available in the Silver Gift Shop, located at the Halvorson Cancer Center. 

Help continues after your treatment ends

Your navigator’s help and guidance doesn't end when your treatment does. She will remain an important point of contact for you, as long as you need her, even if it's just to talk.

Your survivorship care plan

This is a comprehensive summary of your treatments, when they occurred, all your provider information, names of drugs and medications, along with specific therapies that were tailored for you. That means you will always have that information at your fingertips when you see other healthcare providers in the future.

Read on to find out how your treatment plan is created [LINK]

Reaching out to a lung cancer nurse navigator

Our lung cancer nurse navigator can be reached by phone, email or in person for any questions you might have, or just to talk.

She is available to anyone with a lung cancer diagnosis, even if the diagnosis was made somewhere else. You just need to call the nurse navigator phone line at (425) 899-5555 to get started; no physician referral is needed.

Learn about lung cancer treatments available at EvergreenHealth