Lung Cancer

When it comes to fighting lung cancer, you want the best team on your side.

At the Halvorson Cancer Center, EvergreenHealth’s cancer experts partner with the experts from the world-renowned Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. This gives you access to the most advanced treatments, the best doctors, the newest innovative treatments and the latest technology – to help you win the fight of your life.

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And because everything is under one roof, you can focus on healing instead of traveling to different places for appointments, tests and treatments. Your appointments will be coordinated by our central registration, and our reserved, covered parking provides easy access.

Your team will meet regularly to go over every aspect of your care, so the best minds can easily collaborate on a plan that offers you the best chance for survivorship.

In addition, our warm and comforting environment is designed to ease anxiety and make our patients and their families feel at home, all to help promote healing - and hope.

Why Choose EvergreenHealth for Treatment

Choosing EvergreenHealth and the Halvorson Cancer Center for treatment puts some of the best minds in medicine all in one place - for you.

From diagnosis through treatment and recovery, our experts collaborate with each other on a cancer care plan that is tailored specifically to you, and then help guide you every step of the way.

Our medical team includes pulmonologists who specialize in lung care, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, interventional radialogists and surgeons, in addition to experts in pain management and palliative medicine. Meet the lung cancer team members

Our technology for diagnosis and treatment is state-of-the-art, employing advanced equipment and methodologies to give you the best possible outcome while maintaining the best quality of life.

And we offer you classes and support groups, social workers, rehabilitation services, and the resources you and your family need, from day one.

We also offer a full array of supportive services right on-site, providing the resources you and your family need, from day one.

These include:

  • social workers to help you navigate any challenges 
  • pain management services
  • education and resource center
  • classes and support groups in partnership with Cancer Lifeline
  • resource center and boutique
  • nutritional consultation and dietary classes
  • rehabilitation services
  • palliative care

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