Levy-Funded Services

What do health education classes, a telephone nurse service and a free health clinic have in common?

They are just a few of the services funded by the community's levy dollars - programs designed to meet the diverse needs of the growing and changing area that EvergreenHealth serves.

Some services are funded entirely by levy money, others are enhanced with levy money. You won't find most of these programs offered by other health care organizations; EvergreenHealth is able to provide them because of the support received from the community.

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How Levy Funds are Allocated

Each program or service that requests levy funding must annually demonstrate the community need it addresses and detail program objectives, implementation plans and projected outcomes. Proposals are evaluated based on the need, and whether the overall benefit to the community justifies the resources.

EvergreenHealth's publicly-elected Board of Commissioners has the final say on distribution of levy funds each year, based on the recommendations of a standing levy committee.

While some levy-supported programs specifically address the special needs of the under-served, the chronically ill, the disabled and high-risk populations, the majority of the programs are for use by the entire community. For instance, if you are one of the callers who receives help from the EvergreenHealthline, or a participant in our health education classes, you have benefited directly from levy-supported services.

For more information on EvergreenHealth's levy-funded services, please call 425.899.2538.