Imaging Services

EvergreenHealth provides the latest diagnostic imaging techniques and services.  From new technologies for imaging coronary artery disease and prostate cancer to interventional radiology, we're committed to early diagnosis of disease to improve the health and well-being of our community.

Our radiologists, from Radia Medical Imaging, are highly trained and board certified in diagnostic radiology and multiple subspecialties. With their teleradiology service, radiologists are available around the clock to interpret images for inpatients and the Emergency Department.

Diagnostic Imaging Technologies

Services offered at EvergreenHealth include:

We also offer advanced diagnostic imaging technologies, such as cardiac CT angiography, body MRI for pregnant women, and PET/CT for Alzheimer's disease.

The Digital Imaging Difference

Direct digital images have replaced traditional film-based diagnostic images throughout the EvergreenHealth system.

With digital images and EvergreenHealth's image archiving system, physicians now have immediate access to high-quality patient scans on dedicated computers throughout EvergreenHealth, or even in their own office.

The digital images can also be shared with multiple hospital departments at the same time. A surgeon can be viewing images right in the operating room while those same images are being viewed and interpreted by a radiologist in Diagnostic Imaging, saving valuable time. 

It all adds up to a quicker diagnosis for patients.