Healthy Lifestyles

Please Note: These classes are part of our Corporate Wellness Program for businesses. If you want to register for individual health classes, please visit our Community Classes & Events.

Our Healthy Lifestyles classes are all one-hour presentations, and cost a flat $225.

Exercise 101

Regardless of age or physical condition, exercise can improve cardiovascular fitness, muscle tone, energy, and reduce weight and the risk for disease. Learn effective ways to start an exercise program, how to set reasonable goals, and stay motivated while having fun.

Stretching Yourself

Simple stretching can help ease aching and stiff muscles and joints, increase range of motion and prevent injury. Learn safe and effective stretches to "gain" without the "pain."

Core Strengthening Techniques

Core strengthening is essential to optimum performance and injury prevention. Discover the benefits of exercises that focus on working the deep muscles of the entire torso, and learn exercises that will develop core strength. Will include examples of exercises using a stability ball, medicine ball, therabands, yoga and Pilates.

Low Down on High Cholesterol

Get the facts on the role of cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides and their effects on your health. Learn simple techniques to lower cholesterol.

The Low-Down on High Blood Pressure

Get the facts on the role of blood pressure and it's effects on your health. Learn simple techniques to lower blood pressure.

Don't Risk Your Heart

Heart disease remains the leading cause of death in adults, with the associated costs to employers and employees exceeding thousands of dollars. The key is prevention! Participants learn the risk factors for heart disease and what lifestyle changes they can implement to reduce their risk. Class can be provided in a one-hour overview, or each specific risk factor can stand alone as its own class for a more in-depth discussion.

Topics include: exercise, nutrition, hypertension, stress management, cholesterol, smoking, and more.

Facts About Diabetes

Led by a certified diabetes educator, participants learn risk factors for diabetes, as well as key issues and updates managing diabetes throughout one's life. Topics include: diet, lifestyle, medications, stress, exercise, sick day care, and other health considerations.

Stop Smoking Strategies

Explore nicotine replacement therapy choices, nutrition tips and proven techniques to motivate and inspire you to stop smoking.

Personal Breast Health Classes

One in every eight women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. With diagnostic advances, women today have a greater chance than ever before of detecting breast cancer in its earliest, most treatable, stages.

This breast health education seminar, led by a certified breast self-examination instructor, is a comfortable get-together to provide instructions on how to do a proper breast self-exam, as well as provide the facts about breast health and overall wellness. Men are welcome to learn how they could help their loved one.

Men's Health:  It's Worth It!

Get information about recommended health screenings, prevention techniques, diet and exercise to help the man in your life achieve optimal health and avoid illness.

Self-Care and Exercise

Learn how to optimize your cardiovascular health through exercise and lifestyle choices that are right for you.

Doc talk

Various topics will be offered.

Is It My Thyroid?

Fatigue, weight problems, dry skin and hair, mood swings and depression are all signs of thyroid problems. Women are especially vulnerable. Learn about various thyroid conditions, their impacts and treatment options.

Good Night, Sleep Tight

Do you have trouble sleeping? Learn how aging, illness or medication can affect your sleep patterns, and get tips that may help you sleep through the night.

Seasonal Affective Disorder: Are You Feeling SAD?

Discover why the lack of sunlight can cause some to experience fatigue, weight gain and altered sleeping habits, and learn how you can improve your mood with medical options and light therapy.

Be Good to Your Feet

Discover injury prevention for the foot and ankle, as well as overall good foot care.

Better Bladder Health

Incontinence can happen at any age and have various causes. Learn about the different types of incontinence primarily seen in women and available methods of treatment.

Office Ergonomics

Learn how good posture, proper body mechanics and simple, ergonomic adjustments can prevent pain and enhance well-being and energy throughout the day. Eye and neck strain, low back pain, and repetitive motion injuries will be discussed as well as prevention techniques for the growing work-site epidemic, carpal tunnel syndrome.

Your Back & How It Works

Do you know how your back works? Even when injured, most people only know where it hurts and what part they hurt. This not-so-dry seminar on your back and how it works, will answer your questions on posture and daily habits that are probably hurting you and you don't even know it!

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