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Emergency Departments  (open 24/7)
   425.899.1700      Kirkland Emergency Room
   425.899.1111 Redmond Emergency Room
   360.794.1402 Monroe Emergency Room
24-Hour Nurse Line      425.899.3000
   Press 1    Class Registration and Physician Referral
   Press 2 Speak with a Nurse
Patient Information      425.899.1000
Lost & Found  
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Antepartum Care   
   425.899.6630  Nurses Station 
Anticoagulation Services  
   425.899.2783       Appointment Scheduling or Information  
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Bariatric Center for Weight-Loss Services   
   425.899.36300    Information
Behavioral Health   
In-Home Mental Health
(Toll Free) 
Booth Gardner Parkinson’s Care Center
    425.899.3123 Appointment Scheduling or Information 
Breast Health Center
    425.899.2831 Mammography Scheduling
Breastfeeding Center   
   425.899.3494 Appointment Scheduling or Information 
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Cancer Care
   425.899.3181        Medical Oncology  
   425.899.1860 Radiation Oncology
   425.899.3181 Cancer Clinical Trials
   425.899.2265 Cancer Support Services
   425.899.2265 Cancer Resource Center
Chemical Dependency Treatment Services
   360.794.1405 The Recovery Center
Childbirth Education  
   425.899.3000  Class Scheduling or Information
   425.899.3000  Class Scheduling or Information
Clinical Research Trials 
   425.899.5385 Information
Colon and Rectal Care
   425.899.4600 Information and Appointments
Comprehensive Procedures Unit 
   425.899.2367 Information
   425.899.2374   To Schedule Endoscopy or Colonoscopy 
   425.899.2182 To Schedule Infusion
   425.899.2365 To Schedule Pain Management Procedures
Corporate Wellness Services
   425.899.3005 Scheduling or Information   
Critical Care Unit
   425.899.2300 Information
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Diabetes and Endocrinology Care
   425.899.6414 Information and Appointments
Diabetes Education & Nutrition Services
   425.899.3008    Diabetes Classes and Consultations
   425.899.3008 Diabetes Management for Pregnancy
Diagnostic Imaging Services   
   425.899.2831 To schedule any DI procedures  (X-ray, Ultrasound, CT, MRI, etc.)
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Ear, Nose & Throat Care
   425.899.4590       Information and Appointments
Emergency Care  (open 27/7)
   425.899.1700 Kirkland Emergency Room
   425.899.1111 Redmond Emergency Room
   360.794.1402 Monroe Emergency Room 
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Family Maternity Center (see Maternity Care)
Fetal Therapy
   425.899.3537    Information
Foot & Ankle Care
   425.899.4650 Information
   425.899.1900 Information or to Donate
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Gastroenterology Services          
    425.899.2374       To Schedule Endoscopy or Colonoscopy 
Geriatric Care 
   425.899.6800 Appointment Scheduling or Information
Grief & Bereavement Services
   425.899.3200 Appointment Scheduling or Information
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Healthcare Access Services  
   425.899.3200       Healthcare Navigation
   425.899.3250 Healthcare Navigation (en Espanol)
   425.899.3250 Health Insurance Assistance (Bi-lingual)
   425.899.3200  King County Project Access
   425.899.3250  King County Project Access (en Espanol)
Health Classes
   425.899.3000  Information and Registration 
Heart Care  
   425.899.0555 Information and Appointments
   425.899.3770 Cardiac Rehabilitation Services
High-Risk Pregnancy  
   425.899.2200 Appointment Scheduling or Information
Home Care   
   425.899.3300 Home Health Care
1.800.859.0166 Home Health Care (toll free)
Hospice Services
   425.899.1040 Information
1.800.442.4546 (toll free)
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Infectious Disease and Travel Medicine
   425.899.5100 Information and Appointment Scheduling
Infusion Services
   425.899.2180 Information and Appointment Scheduling
Interventional Spine Care
425.899.1210 Information and Appointment Scheduling
Imaging Services
425.899.2831 To schedule any imaging procedures  (X-ray, Ultrasound, CT, MRI, etc.)
Intensive Care Nursery  
   425.899.6601 Information
Interpreter Services   
   425.899.2536 Information
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King County Project Access
   425.899.3200       Information
   425.899.3250 Information (en Espanol)
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Lab Services
   425.899.2736      Kirkland (EvergreenHealth - Coral 520)
   425.899.3912 Kirkland (EvergreenHealth Plaza - Suites 130 and 540)
   425.869.4840 Redmond (EvergreenHealth Medical Center - Redmond)
   425.488.4900 Woodinville (EvergreenHealth Medical Center - Woodinville)
   425.488.4950 Bothell (EvergreenHealth Primary Care Center - Canyon Park)
Lipid Clinic   
   425.899.3796 Appointment Scheduling and Information
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   425.899.2831       Appointment Scheduling and Information
Maternal-Fetal Medicine Program (High-risk)  
   425.899.2200 Appointment Scheduling and Information
   425.899.2216 Diabetes Management
   425.899.3537 Fetal Therapy
   425.899.2200 Genetic Counseling
   425.899.2200 Multiples Program
   425.899.2200 Prenatal Testing and Diagnosis
   425.899.3537 Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome
Maternity Care
   425.899.3000 Maternity Center Tours
   425.899.3000 Childbirth Education
   425.899.4012 Midwifery Care
   425.899.2200 Maternal-Fetal Medicine (High-risk)
   425.899.6601 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
   425.899.3494 Breastfeeding Center
   425.899.3602 Postpartum Care Center
   425.899.3000 Parent-Baby Groups
   425.899.3603 Baby & Family Boutique
Midwifery Care
  425.899.4012 Appointment Scheduling and Information
Movement Disorders Center
   425.899.3123 Appointment Scheduling and Information 
MS Center
   425.899.5350 Appointment Scheduling and Information 
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Neuropsychological Services
   425.899.3140 Information and Referral
Neurological Care
   425.899.3123        Booth Gardner Parkinsons Care Center
   425.899.3135 General Neurology
   425.899.3123 Movement Disorders Center
   425.899.5350 MS Center
   425.899.2478 Stroke Program
Nutrition Services 
   425.899.3008 Appointment Scheduling and Information
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Obstetrics & Gynecology Care
   425.899.6400 EvergreenHealth OB/GYN Care, Coral
   425.285.0060 EvergreenHealth OB/GYN Care, Tan
   360.794.1444 EvergreenHealth OB/GYN Care, Monroe 
   425.899.4012 EvergreenHealth Midwifery Care
Orthopedic & Sports Care (Kirkland)
   425.899.4810 Appointment Scheduling and Information 
Orthopedic & Sports Care (Monroe)
   360.794.3300      Appointment Scheduling and Information
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Palliative Care
   425.899.3224       Appointment Scheduling and Information 
Parkinson's Care Center   
   425.899.3123 Appointment Scheduling and Information 
   425.899.6633  Information
Pharmacist Provider Services
   425.899.2783 Information and Appointments
Pharmacy Services 
   425.899.2790 Prescriptions and Information 
   425.899.2777 Refill Line 
   425.899.2795 Fax 
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
   425.899.1220 Appointment Scheduling and Information
Physical Therapy Services
   425.899.1960 Appointment Scheduling and Information 
Postpartum Care Center
   425.899.3602 Appointment Scheduling and Information 
Primary Care
   425.899.3292 Billing Questions
   425.488.4988 Canyon Park
   425.788.4889 Duvall 
   425.485.6561 Kenmore
   425.899.6700 Kirkland
   425.486.9131 Lakeshore Bothell
   425.821.4040 Lakeshore Totem Lake
   360.217.1155  Monroe
   425.899.2273  Redmond
   425.898.0305 Sammamish
   425.899.4620 Signature Care
   360.793.0201 Sultan
   425.481.6363  Woodinville
Pulmonary Services
   425.899.6972 Appointment Scheduling and Information
   425.899.3770 Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program
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   425.899.2831      To schedule any Diagnostic Imaging procedures
   425.899.5385 For information on clinical trials
Rehabilitation Services
   425.899.2545 Acute Rehabilitation Unit
   425.899.1960 Lymphedema Therapy
   425.899.1960 Outpatient Rehabilitation
   425.899.3139 Rehabilitation Medicine Clinic
   425.899.3100 Stroke Rehabilitation
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Sleep Services
   425.899.4280      Appointment Scheduling and Information 
Spiritual Care
   425.899.1046 Information, or to reach a Chaplain
   425.899.1000 After-hours Chaplain
Spine Care  
   425.899.4930 EvergreenHealth Spine & Neurosurgical Care
   425.899.1220 EvergreenHealth Sport & Spine Care
   425.454.1111 EvergreenHealth Interventional Spine Care
Spine & Neurosurgical Care
   425.899.4930 Appointment Scheduling and Information
Sport & Spine Care
   425.899.1220 Appointment Scheduling and Information
Stroke Services
   425.899.2478 Stroke Inpatient Program at EvergreenHealth
   425.899.2549 Post-stroke Acute Rehabilitation Unit
   425.899.3100 Post-stroke Outpatient Rehabilitation
Surgical Care
   425.899.5500 Appointment Scheduling and Information
Surgical Services
   425.899.3446 EvergreenHealth Surgery Care - Blue
   425.899.5656 EvergreenHealth Surgery Care - Tan
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Urgent Care
   425.686.6710 Kenmore Urgent Care
   425.225.1210 Mill Creek Urgent Care
   425.883.3333      Redmond Urgent Care
   425.898.1126 Sammamish Urgent Care
   425.488.2273 Woodinville Urgent Care
Urology & Urogynecology Care
   435.899.5800 Kirkland location (NE 130th Lane)
   425.392.8611 Issaquah location
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Vascular Care  
   425.450.7007    Appointment Scheduling and Information


Weight-Loss Services  
   425.899.3630      Information
Wellness Programs
   425.899.3000 Health Classes
   425.899.3005 Corporate Wellness Programs
   425.899.3008 Diabetes Health Classes
Wound Care Services
   425.899.2160 Appointment Scheduling and Information
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