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Physician Partnered Weight Loss Program

If you are experiencing difficult or stubborn weight loss, consider our nonsurgical Physician Partnered Weight Loss Program.

Our endocrinologists will help you understand your metabolic challenges, and apply current research in utilizing weight loss medications to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

This program is generally well suited for patients with a BMI greater than 25, where FDA approved weight loss medications are enlisted for promising results.

One-to-One Counseling and Coaching

Duration: Six months

Our weight loss experts—including an endocrinologist board certified in obesity medicine, a dietitian team and a wellness coach—will be there to help you develop a program that meets your unique needs.

The Physician Partnered Weight Loss Program includes:

  • Initial 60 minute evaluation and assessment by Endocrinology
  • Five additional, 20 minute follow-ups and medical management each month
  • Initial 60 minute evaluation and assessment by Nutrition
  • Five additional Healthiest Best 1:1 classes with your dietitian:
    • Nutrition expertise
    • Meal planning
    • Whole foods cooking
    • Dietary tips and strategies
    • Measurement of resting metabolic rate to calculate estimated 24 hour energy expenditure
    • Monthly body composition testing
  • Initial 60 minute evaluation and assessment by wellness specialist (sleep, stress, fitness)
  • Wellness opportunities
    • Motivational coaching
    • Mental Wellness (Outside Counseling resources)
    • Fitness accountability
    • Stress management
    • Sleep Health
    • Motivational coaching
  • Initial metabolic and nutrition laboratory tests

Note that weight loss medications are generally an out of pocket expense.

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