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Vein Stripping

Indication: To remove large (greater than 1/8 inch in diameter), symptomatic varicose veins. This surgery is usually reserved for patients who have failed to respond well to the use of compression stockings.

Procedure: Just before going back for surgery, with the patient standing, the veins to be removed are marked with ink. After anesthesia is given, small incisions (less than ¼ inch) are made next to each varicose vein. The veins are then extracted with a small hook, the excess length excised, and the ends tied off. The incisions are small enough that they can be closed with "steri-strips" and no sutures are required.

Length of Stay: Outpatient or occasionally overnight.

Recovery: Treated legs should be elevated initially to minimize swelling and bruising. The recovery is otherwise rapid.

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