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Minimally Invasive Prostate Surgery

da Vinci® Prostatectomy is a robot-assisted, minimally invasive surgery that has become a preferred treatment for removal of the prostate following an early diagnosis of prostate cancer.

Though any diagnosis of cancer can be traumatic, the good news is that if your doctor recommends prostate surgery, the cancer was probably caught early. And, with da Vinci® prostate surgery, the likelihood of a complete recovery from prostate cancer without long-term side effects is, for most patients, better than it has ever been.

Image of the difference between an open and a da Vinci incision for prostate surgery.

Dr. Scott Van Appledorn
Meet Dr. Scott Van Appledorn and learn more about the da Vinci prostatectomy. Watch the video

da Vinci® Prostatectomy is performed with the assistance of the da Vinci® Surgical System - the latest evolution in robotics technology. Through robotics, a da Vinci® prostate surgery can be completed with unmatched precision and control using only a few small incisions. Recent studies suggest that da Vinci® prostate surgery may offer improved cancer control and a faster return to potency and continence.

da Vinci® Prostatectomy also offers these potential benefits:

  • Significantly less pain
  • Less blood loss
  • Fewer complications
  • Less scarring
  • A shorter hospital stay
  • And a faster return to normal daily activities
Darrell Blankenship

Patient story

"I decided to go ahead with the surgery."

When Darrell Blankenship turned 50, his first prostate exam revealed a significant prostate cancer. Read Darrell's story

Learn more about da Vinci prostate surgery

For additional information on the da Vinci prostate surgery:

As with any surgery, these benefits cannot be guaranteed, as surgery is both patient- and procedure-specific. While prostate surgery performed using the da Vinci® Surgical System is considered safe and effective, this procedure may not be appropriate for every individual. Always ask your doctor about all treatment options, as well as their risks and benefits.

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