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Varicocele Repair

What are varicoceles?

Varicoceles are veins going from the testicles that are larger than normal. They are similar to varicose veins on the back of people’s legs. They form inside the spermatic cord which runs from the abdomen to each testicle. These are like varicose veins from your testicles.

Because they are larger than normal veins, varicoceles can cause blood to collect in the scrotum. They also allow blood to flow backward (retrograde) to the testes. You may want to consider having varicocele treatment if you have problems with infertility, pain, or testicular atrophy (testes getting smaller).

How are varicoceles treated?

Surgery to treat varicoceles is called a microsurgical varicocelectomy. It is a minimally invasive surgery, which means only very small incisions are made (about the width of your thumb).

In a varicocelectomy, ties or clips are used to stop blood flow in the enlarged veins inside the spermatic cord.

Most men have general anesthesia for this procedure. Local anesthetic is also used to numb the area so that you will be comfortable when you wake up.

Varicocelectomy can usually be done in less than 1 hour and recovery time is often very short. Most men return to work one or two days after this surgery

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