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Teen & Young Adult Care

As if the adolescent years are not hard enough, issues of incontinence, voiding dysfunction, pelvic pain, painful sex and constipation can affect some younger girls just as much as adult women.

Unfortunately, adolescent girls are even less likely than adult women to discuss problems of such a personal nature and their access to care is limited.

Our Teen & Young Adult program is designed to address the unmet needs of this age group. We treat common pelvic complaints that occur in girls 10-19 years of age in a safe, comfortable environment.

Symptoms we treat

We treat a variety of symptoms, which include:

  • incontinence (all types)
  • incomplete bladder emptying
  • urinary frequency
  • bed wetting
  • urgency
  • burning with urination in the absence of UTIs
  • pain with intercourse/sexual activity
  • pain with tampon placement
  • constipation
  • fecal incontinence

Your age should not delay getting proper care of a urinary issue. Early treatment of pelvic floor disorders and symptoms in young girls may prevent worsened urinary issues as they age. Many of our adult patients have mentioned how their current pelvic issues actually began when they were teenagers.

What to expect

At your first visit, we’ll take a thorough urinary, sexual and bowel habit history and perform a physical exam.  This will include a limited pelvic exam tailored to each patient depending on prior sexual activity.

We often will wait until the second visit for the limited pelvic exam depending on each girl’s comfort level.

Your initial treatment plan will be conservative and begin with pelvic floor rehabilitation using the expertise of our skilled physical therapists.

We have had great treatment success with simple, holistic treatment plans utilizing physical therapy and behavioral modification.

If this conservative initial treatment approach is not successful, then other procedural modalities such as bladder Botox injections, InterStim placement and urethral bulking agents are among the options we can consider.

We can also offer some of the therapeutic options used for adult incontinence treatment, with proper informed consent and a review of the risks and benefits.

We believe it is important to offer these potentially curative treatments to young girls who are suffering from the embarrassment, social isolation and depression that can occur with urinary problems.

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