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Elder Continence

About half of women over 50 years old have some daily bother with bladder control and the numbers affected only increase as you age. Urinary incontinence can be due to a number of preventable and treatable causes.

We view this as a problem which impacts you, your entire family and your lifestyle in the golden years. We offer noninvasive treatment options to keep you continent, independent and in control of your bladder. If more is needed, we can offer minimally invasive procedures.

Treating urinary incontinence helps reduce the risks of chronic health diseases and restores your self-confidence, independence and quality of life.

Thankfully all insurance companies recognize urinary incontinence as the first domino to fall in a series of linked chronic health issues including obesity, diabetes, heart disease, hip fractures, isolation and depression.

Assessment & treatment

Our Elder Continence Program assesses your risks for incontinence and tailors a program that will be acceptable to you and your caregivers.

We offer a broad range of solutions that will meet your desire to minimize cumbersome testing and intervention, but give you some improvement and control over your bladder.

Your family and caregivers are also involved in discussing a plan for diagnostic testing and the available treatment options since they may be involved in your daily care.

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