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Your Surgery & Recovery

Day of Your Surgery

For most procedures, we require that you arrive 1 hour and 15 minutes (1 hour and 30 minutes for cataract surgery) before the time your surgery is scheduled to begin. Your arrival time and surgery time will be confirmed during your interview with the pre-admission nurse.

Surgery time can be subject to change. If there is a change, you will be contacted by our staff.

It is important for you to arrive promptly to allow adequate time for pre-surgical preparation. This includes admission, orientation procedures, physician examination and administration of any medications that may be needed before surgery.

What to Wear 

To help prevent infection, we ask that you bathe or shower the morning of your surgery and wear freshly laundered clothing. Deodorant is permitted, but do not wear any cologne or perfume. Do not apply any make-up.

We suggest that you wear casual, loose-fitting clothing that can be easily folded. We will provide specialized clothing to be worn during surgery.

What to Bring

  • Your insurance card
  • Photo ID
  • Visit co-payment (if required)
  • Prescription co-payment
  • List of all medications you are regularly taking
  • Your glasses (including reading glasses); contact lenses cannot be worn to surgery

Do not bring any valuables – please leave watches, rings and other jewelry at home.

When You Arrive

When you arrive at EvergreenHealth Surgery Care – Tan, you will be greeted by our friendly admitting staff who will register you and ensure your readiness for surgery.

You will be cared for by registered nurses with special training in outpatient surgery. If you're having general or regional anesthesia, you'll be under the care of a board certified anesthesiologist.

Patient Guests

You are strongly encouraged to have an adult family member or friend accompany you to our facility. Due to space limitations, however, we ask that you bring no more than two guests.

If the patient is under 18 years of age, they must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who is authorized to sign the consent form and who will remain within the facility until the patient is discharged. Legal guardians should bring proof of guardianship.

While they wait for you, your guests can enjoy free coffee and Wi-Fi in our comfortable, light-filled lounge. Our staff will keep them updated on your progress. 

Follow-Up Care

If you are receiving a general or regional anesthetic or sedation of any kind, you will need to have the assistance of a responsible adult for transportation home and care for 24-hours following surgery. We cannot perform your surgery unless these arrangements have been made.

If you are receiving a local anesthetic without sedation, you may not need an adult escort.

If you are undergoing cataract surgery, you will require an escort regardless of the type of anesthetic used.

After Your Surgery

Following your surgery, you will be closely observed and gradually awakened in our recovery room.

After awakening, you will change back into your clothing and continue to rest in the departure lounge, where you can be joined by your guest. While there, you'll be given a light snack and your nurse will go over your post-operative instructions. 

If you have received general anesthesia or intravenous sedation:

  • Go directly home and rest for the remainder of the day.
  • A family member or friend should be with you throughout the night.
  • For your own safety, do not plan any activities for the day after surgery.
  • Gradually proceed to a normal diet.
  • Remember that it is normal to feel a little dizzy or sleepy for several hours after surgery.

If you have received local anesthesia:

  • You may return to normal activities except for those mentioned by your doctor.

No matter how well you feel during the first 24 hours following your surgery, DO NOT:

  • Drive a car or take public transportation alone
  • Drink alcoholic beverages
  • Make important decisions or sign legal documents
  • Care for a dependent person
  • Use power tools


Your length of stay depends on the nature of your operation and your body's response to the anesthetics and the surgery, so it is difficult to predict in advance exactly when you will be able to leave.

Your surgeon or anesthesiologist will determine when it is medically safe for you to be discharged and return to the comfort of your home to be cared for by family and friends.

It is very rare to be admitted to the hospital after outpatient surgery.  However, should there be a need for further care, you will be admitted to adjacent EvergreenHealth Medical Center.

For your convenience, your guest can pull your vehicle up to our facility's covered exit door, which is accessible from the top floor of the Blue parking garage. Our staff will escort you and assist you into the vehicle.