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Day of Surgery

If you are not feeling well, have a fever, congestion or new rash and need to cancel your procedure please call the OR control desk at (425) 899-3446.

  • Bring your ID card, copies of your insurance and pharmacy cards, and a method of payment for any co-pays. EvergreenHealth Medical Center accepts cash, checks and all major credit cards.
  • Co-pays for surgery may be paid in advance by contacting Pre-registration at (425) 899-2722.
  • If you have an advance directive or durable power of attorney, please bring a copy of that paperwork to include in your hospital record.
  • If you do not have an advance directive, you can download forms here.
  • Continue to fast. This means no eating, drinking or smoking; no gum, mints or sucking candy after midnight. You may rinse your mouth out after brushing your teeth, but do not swallow any water.
  • Shower the morning of surgery using an antibacterial soap. Do not apply any lotions or deodorants.
  • Dry your hair thoroughly, but do not use hair-styling products or makeup, dark fingernail polish or perfume.
  • Take any medications you were instructed to take by your physician or the Preop Clinic nurse with only a sip of water at least three hours prior to your arrival at the hospital.
  • Do not bring any medications other than an inhaler or eye drops with you to the hospital.
  • Do not wear any jewelry, including rings and piercings. Jewelry is not allowed in our operating room for safety reasons, and we cannot be responsible for it.
  • Jewelry too tight to remove on an operative site may have be cut off prior to the procedure. We recommend seeing a jeweler.
  • Do not bring electronics, valuables or other items beyond a few toiletries, robe and slippers.
  • Dentures, glasses and/or contact lenses must be removed prior to your procedure; bring a container for storage.
  • Wear loose fitting, warm, comfortable clothing and shoes that are easy to get on and off. No flip-flops, please.
  • Bring any special medical equipment that you use, such as crutches or walker.
  • If you have sleep apnea and have a CPAP machine, please bring the machine and all components with you.
  • Please plan to arrive at your scheduled admission time.
  • If you expect to be discharged the same day, you will not be allowed to drive yourself home and need to have your ride prearranged.

Check-in For Your Surgery

We recommend parking in the Central parking garage. Please enter the hospital and follow the signs to the Blue elevator. The surgery department is on the 3rd floor in the Blue zone.

Take the Blue elevator up to the 3rd floor and follow the signs to the Surgical Services waiting room, which is to the right down the long corridor. Identify yourself at the desk.

If you require additional assistance with getting to the 3rd floor Blue, please stop at the Blue information desk as you enter the hospital. Call the number provided on the sign at the desk if no volunteer is available.

Please be on time - your check-in time is at minimum 90 minutes prior to your scheduled procedure. Some patients may be asked to arrive earlier for preparation purposes.

Two of your family members will be allowed to accompany you to the Pre-Surgical Care Unit where you will be admitted and meet your EvergreenHealth surgical team, including your surgeon, admitting and operating room (OR) nurses and anesthesiologist.

Your Surgical Services Passport

Your surgical services passport is your guide to what to expect through each phase of the surgical process at Surgical Care - Blue at EvergreenHealth Medical Center.

Surgical services passport

During Surgery

At the time you are transferred to the operating room, your family will be asked to return to the Surgical Services waiting room.

We provide a tracking board that allows your family to follow the progress of your case through the OR and into the recovery area. Our patient support assistant and the helpful volunteer staff will explain how the tracking board works and provide the confidential ID number associated with your surgery (patient names are not displayed to protect patient privacy).

Family not at the hospital can monitor the surgery tracking board remotely.

The Outlet, a special area near the waiting room, provides seating, work space, outlets and free Wi-Fi.

Free coffee is available in the waiting room.

Snacks are available in our delis, and full meals are available at Cafe 128.

After Surgery

Following your operation, you will be closely monitored by nurses and gradually awakened in the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU). Family is not typically allowed in this area.

Once you're in the PACU, your surgeon will meet with your family or significant others in the Surgical Services waiting room.

If you're going to be discharged that same day, you'll be moved to a separate recovery area where you'll be reunited with your family for post-surgery and post-anesthesia discharge instructions. If you received general anesthesia, you should have an adult present overnight after surgery.

If your surgery involves a hospital stay, you'll be transported to your room when you're ready.

If postoperative prescriptions are given, you can get them filled at the EvergreenHealth Professional Center Pharmacy. The Pharmacy is open Monday-Friday until 6 p.m. and is located on the second floor of the Coral zone, adjacent to the Gift Shop. If you prefer, you may have your prescription(s) filled at the pharmacy of your choice.