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InBody Assessments

See a more accurate picture of your health than a scale can show. Ask your EvergreenHealth Signature Care health coach for a simple, quick InBody assessment. Your results can help you launch a personal fitness plan.  

What Does InBody Show?

InBody technology reveals how much of your body is:

  • Fat
  • Muscle
  • Water

How the Test Works

You'll stand on a scale with bare feet and grip two handles. Painless electrodes will measure the electrical current through your skin. In less than a minute, the technology records your results. You'll receive a printout to discuss with your health coach and take home.

Benefits of InBody

With the information you get from InBody, you can:

  • Find out how much lean mass is in various parts of your body, so you and your coach can create a targeted fitness routine
  • Monitor your fat loss and muscle gain, not just weight loss
  • Track body changes over time   

Your health coach will use the information to help you make a personalized plan for reaching your wellness goals. Take the test every few weeks to check your progress and, if needed, update your plan.

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