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Pregnancy & Birth Patient Stories

Our patients love to share their Welcoming Baby experiences at the Family Maternity Center.

Kirbi Zahner

Working together for a smooth delivery

When Kirbi Zahner developed placenta previa during her pregnancy, her midwife teamed with an EvergreenHealth OB/GYN for a birth experience she called "the best of both worlds." Read Kirbi's story

Carly Daniels

A midwife birth, but in a hospital

Carly Daniels loved the idea of midwife birth, but wanted the peace of mind of delivering in a hospital. She was able to have both, thanks to EvergreenHealth Midwifery Care. Read Carly's story

Kristin Olson

I appreciated the options and the flexibility

Kristin Olson appreciated the options and the flexibility offered by EvergreenHealth's Family Maternity Center for the birth of her first child. Read Kristin's story

Kelly McClure

"Sometimes it takes an entire hospital..."

It took EvergreenHealth specialists from maternal-fetal medicine, oncology, endocrinology, hematology and cardiology to solve Kelly McClure's medical mystery and save her baby. Read Kelly's story

Siri Pannell

The sisterhood of motherhood

New mom Siri Pannell felt overwhelmed and isolated after the birth of her daughter. Then she discovered a community of support at EvergreenHealth's Parent-Baby Groups. Read Siri's story

Natalie Littlejohn

"I knew something wasn't right..."

Testing picked up signs of Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS), and Natalie Littlejohn's babies would need delicate in-utero surgery at EvergreenHealth to survive. Read Natalie's story

Christine Beatty

Reducing risks for pregnancies with multiples

EvergreenHealth's Multiples Program helped Christine Beatty keep her multiple pregnancy healthy and on track. Read Christine's story

Catherina Brown

Bedrest for a risky pregnancy

At 13 weeks, Catherina Brown was placed on strict bed rest. EvergreenHealth's antepartum unit provided the care and support needed to see her pregnancy through. Read Catherina's story

Karen Dennis

Fetal surgery to save her twins

"We are so lucky that Anna and Katie are healthy and happy," says mom Karen Dennis - but it was more than just luck that helped her adorable twins into the world. Read Karen's story

Holly Egging

A lifeline for new parents

New mom Holly Egging is raving about the help, support, nurturing and friendship she found at EvergreenHealth's Parent-Baby Group. Read Holly's story

Melody McMillan

"I delivered my baby the way I wanted to."

Melody McMillan was 23 weeks into her pregnancy and beginning to set up the baby’s nursery. Then her plans were turned upside down when she was put on bedrest. Read Melody's story

Lindsay Kendall

Finding help in your back yard.

A routine ultrasound at 20 weeks discovered a often fatal condition with Lindsay Kendall's baby. She found help at the Maternal-Fetal Medicine program. Read Lindsay's story

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