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Baby & Family Boutique

EvergreenHealth's Baby and Family Boutique offers a variety of unique products to help you during pregnancy and the first year with your new baby.

The boutique is conveniently located inside EvergreenHealth Medical Center, so you can stop by after provider appointments, or on your way home with your newborn.

Clothing and Accessories

Our selection of infant and new parent accessories features:

  • Swaddle blankets
  • Burpies burp pads
  • Adorable locally hand-made baby clothing and accessories
  • Eye and ear protection for baby
  • Amber necklaces and bracelets for teething

Baby Carriers

Baby carriers are available for the entire family. We offer:

  • Ring Sling by Sakura Blom
  • Moby Wrap
  • Ergo Baby Carrier
  • Baby K'tan

Our staff will help you get the best fit. If you can, bring your baby; if that's not possible, we'll use a doll for the demonstration. View our baby carriers (PDF)

Breast Pumps

Our experts can help find the breast pump best suited for your needs.

We offer rentals of commercial quality electric breast pumps and a full selection of Medela pumps for purchase. We also carry parts for your Medela pump. Guide to breast pumps (PDF)

Breastfeeding Supplies

We also feature breastfeeding supplies, including:

  • Breast pads
  • Breast milk storage bags
  • Nursing pillows
  • Breast creams
  • Herbal supplements

Nursing Bras and Clothing

We can help you find comfortable support with nursing bras and tank tops, plus belly support belts for both during and after pregnancy.

The boutique offers bras by Anita, Bravado, Cake and nursing tank tops by Glammormom.

Underwire and soft cup styles are available and we also provide hard-to-find sizes. We can fit sizes D to M.

We're sorry, but due to COVID-19 restrictions we are not currently able to do bra fittings. All bra sales are final.

When is the best time to be fitted for a nursing bra?

We believe the best time to get fitted for a nursing bra is when your milk is in and after engorgement has settled down. That is usually 7 to 10 days after your baby is born.

However, we understand that waiting that long is not always doable so we can fit you during your pregnancy, but it might not be the most accurate fitting.

We offer several options for that in-between time, including nursing tank tops, the Bravado Original Bra and bras by Cake. These bras provide support but are not a defined bra, so the bra will grow with you.

We often re-fit moms again once they are returning to work; often being fitted again at three months and/or six months out.

Find us in Coral 320

Open Mon-Sat from 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

Parent-Baby Groups

Get your new family off to its best start with our weekly groups.

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