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OB Ultrasound

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An ultrasound can help you and your physician get to know your baby before he or she is born. Ultrasound technology is helpful in many fields of medicine, but particularly beneficial to women, especially when expecting a child. Ultrasound is also helpful for women having other gynecological problems, such as heavy or irregular bleeding, uterine fibroids, or polyps.

Evergreen Women's Health Center is pleased to offer ultrasound services to our patients in our office during normal business hours.

Ultrasound Frequently Asked Questions

What is ultrasound and what can it show about my pregnancy?

Ultrasound uses the same principal of sonar. Sound waves from the ultrasound probe, (far beyond the range of hearing), bounce off your uterus and your developing fetus producing echoes which a computer converts into detailed images.

Is ultrasound safe?

There has been extensive evaluation of the safety of ultrasound over the course of 15 years. There is no evidence that diagnostic ultrasound causes harm to either the mother or the fetus.

What types of exams are there?

  • A basic or standard sonogram provides information concerning placenta location, fetal position, twin pregnancies, gestational age and possible presence of fetal malformation.
  • A complete or extensive sonogram is a more detailed exam providing not only the information of the basic scan, but in addition, more specific evaluation for fetal growth and/or fetal abnormalities.
  • A vaginal sonogram, in which a specific ultrasound instrument, about the thickness of a tampon, is inserted into the vagina is frequently used to provide extremely detailed views of the uterus, ovaries, or portions of the fetus that are low in the pelvis. This may be used to see the heartbeat or location of a very early pregnancy, or to evaluate the placenta or birth canal. As with other ultrasound exams, the procedure is safe. It is generally less uncomfortable than a pap smear.

Does a normal ultrasound prove that my baby will have no abnormalities?

While a basic sonogram will detect many abnormalities, it is not definitive for fetal malformations. Despite a normal interpretation of the procedure, some babies may be born with anomalies not identified by the examiner during the study. You should understand that even with a complete sonogram, the certified sonographer and the physician may still be unable to find fetal abnormalities that are later discovered after birth. Therefore, it should not be considered as absolute proof of the absence of fetal defects.

Should you have any questions concerning ultrasonography, do not hesitate to discuss them with your doctor or the sonographer performing your ultrasound before undergoing the procedure.

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