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Scheduled Induction Instructions

You and your physician have decided upon a plan to induce your labor at EvergreenHealth Medical Center.  This has been prepared to give you some information about your induction.

Day prior to your induction

The day prior to your scheduled labor induction, you will be contacted by a Family Maternity Center (FMC) nurse, who will tell you exactly what time to arrive at the hospital (usually early morning). If you don't get a call by 6 p.m. on the day prior to your induction, please call them directly at (425) 899-3501 for an arrival time. 

You may have had a Foley catheter placed at your physician's office. Please call the same phone number listed above should you have any concerns or questions overnight about the catheter.

Waiting list

If you are on the waiting list and have not been notified of your status by 6 p.m. the day before, please call FMC directly at (425) 899-3501.

Induction day

Eat a light breakfast the day of the induction, as vomiting is very common in the active phase of labor.

At the Family Maternity Center, the baby will be monitored and medication will be administered to induce your labor.

If you had a Foley catheter placed in your cervix, it will be removed.

If your Group B strep culture was positive, antibiotics will be started right away.

The physicians make rounds in the morning. At that time, your doctor may check your cervix, rupture membranes, or change the plan depending upon your exam.

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