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Cervical Foley

A cervical Foley is a cervical ripening method used in preparation for labor induction.  It's purpose is to mechanically soften the cervix, making it more stretchy and ready to open (dilate).

The sterile saline-filled Foley balloon does this by putting constant gentle pressure on the cervix. The weight of the balloon also helps the body naturally release hormones that contribute to readying the cervix for labor.

After a Foley is inserted into your cervix, keep the following in mind:

  • You may have menstrual-like cramping until the balloon falls out or is removed at the hospital
  • Light to moderate spotting for several hours after insertion is normal
  • You may safely give the Foley a gentle tug (much like removing a tampon) when you are up to the bathroom to see if it has worked its way out of the cervix
  • You should be able to have normal urination and bowel movements
  • You may continue with activity as tolerated, unless you have been instructed otherwise by your physician
  • You can bathe or shower as desired

Call the Family Maternity Center at (425) 899-3500 if:

  • You have significant bleeding, like a heavy period
  • Your water breaks
  • You think you may be in labor

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