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NICU Family Stories

Three families talk about their experience in the NICU.

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Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

If your baby is born prematurely, or has complications at birth that require lifesaving care, they will be cared for in our Level 3 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, or NICU.

It provides one of the highest levels of care available for critically ill infants.

Expertise and Caring

Neonatologists—doctors with specialized training in the care of fragile newborns—are on-site around the clock monitoring your baby. Our neonatologists are all from Seattle Children's.

They work together with our specially trained nursing staff to provide lifesaving care and high-tech monitoring until babies are stable on their own.

Other members of the NICU care team include:

  • Lactation consultants for help with breastfeeding
  • Respiratory therapists for help with baby's breathing
  • Pediatric ophthalmologists for help with eyesight
  • Speech therapists for help with latch/oral issues in breastfeeding or bottle feeding
  • Physical therapists to help with positioning and strengthening
  • Dietitians
  • Pharmacists
  • Social workers

All have special training for dealing with fragile newborns.

The EvergreenHealth NICU partners with Seattle Children's and Swedish Medical Center to help newborns who require complicated care and/or surgery after birth.

Family Centered Care

When you think of the traditional neonatal intensive care ward, you probably see one large, noisy room with lots of babies and monitors.

That's not the case in the EvergreenHealth NICU. Parents and babies stay together in single or semi-private rooms that are quiet and calm, because studies show that a quiet environment helps premature babies improve faster and go home quicker.

More than one baby? Not a problem! Our rooms are large enough to accommodate triplets.

Each room is set up so you can take part in all aspects of your baby's care.

This will help you bond and connect with your baby, and start living life with the baby as part of your family.

The privacy also helps make activities such as breastfeeding and kangaroo care more comfortable and intimate.

EvergreenHealth was the first hospital in the region to offer private and semi-private rooms for NICU families. Our rooms all have a private bathroom with shower and include a couch for a home-like environment.

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