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Keeping You Safe

How we protect you during COVID-19

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Labor & Delivery

PLEASE NOTE: New FMC entrance for laboring women starting Sept. 8, 2021

The Family Maternity Center

Welcoming your baby into the world is an experience like no other. You've given a lot of thought about the birth experience that you want to have, and the Family Maternity Center team is here to make it happen.

We respect the values, beliefs and choices that you bring to your baby's birth.

Normally, our family-centered care would include friends and family at birth, but special guidelines are in place due to COVID-19.

Birthing Suites

Your labor, birth and recovery will all take place in a comfortable, spacious, private birthing suite with your own bathroom. Learn more about our birthing suites

What to Bring to the Hospital

Here are some things our patients recommend you bring to the hospital. What to bring to the hospital

Your Care Team

Labor Nurses

Your labor nurse will be there for you making you as comfortable as possible during labor.

Your OB or Midwife

Your OB or midwife will join you during labor.

OB Hospitalists

OB hospitalists are available in the maternity center 24/7. They're available to help if your provider isn't available or if extra help is needed during delivery.


Anesthesiologists are ready should you labor need some help, or should you need a C-section.

Cesarean Deliveries

Should a C-section become medically necessary, we have operating rooms reserved for C-section deliveries.

Reducing Unnecessary C-Section Births

We're pleased to be one of four hospitals nationwide participating in the Team Birth Project, where our maternity staff uses enhanced communication tools and strategies to reduce the number of unnecessary C-section births. Learn more about the Team Birth Project

After Your Delivery

After birth, your baby will be placed directly against your body, skin to skin covered by a warm blanket. This helps your baby adjust from being a fetus to being a newborn, and keeps your baby warm, stabilizes the heart and breathing and calms your baby. Getting to know your baby

When your newborn is ready to feed, your labor nurse will help you and your baby get started with breastfeeding. Learn more about breastfeeding support

Your baby will stay with you in the birthing suite, giving you a chance to get to know your baby and recognize when it's time for a feeding.

Nourishment For Mom

Snacks and beverages are available anytime for new moms. There is also a small refrigerator in your birthing suite for food and beverage storage.

Our concierge-style meal service lets you select what you want to eat from an approved menu, and when you'd like to have it served. Learn more about our meal service

When will you go home?

If you have a vaginal birth without complications, you can expect to go home about 24 hours later.

After a cesarean birth, you will probably go home about two days after the birth. Your physician or midwife will determine if your stay will be extended based on your need for continuing medical care.

Your baby's birth certificate and social security number

Our Support Continues

Our care for you and your new baby continues after you leave the Family Maternity Center, with programs and support designed to help your family get off to the healthiest start possible. Learn about our continued support