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Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

The Intensive Care Unit at EvergreenHealth (formerly Critical Care) provides around-the-clock care and close monitoring for patients with severe, life-threatening illness or injury.

You may be referred directly to the ICU from the emergency department or transferred from other unit. Common conditions treated in the ICU include acute respiratory distress illnesses (such as COVID), septic shock, stroke, trauma, recovery from complicated surgeries and other potentially life threatening conditions.

Care For Our Patients

The ICU rooms are spacious enough to accommodate multiple staff and the latest monitoring and lifesaving medical equipment.

The nurses' stations provide a line-of-sight view of each patient to maintain visual awareness of patients' needs and well-being. The patient's vital signs and telemetry readings are visible to staff from multiple locations, minimizing the need to enter the patient's room and interrupt their rest.

In addition to physicians and nurses, respiratory therapists are now stationed in the ICU, giving them near-instant access to ICU patients.

Each patient room has a restroom with a shower, ensuring patients' privacy and dignity.

Care For Our Patients' Families

The ICU can be a frightening and uncertain time for family and friends to see people they care about being monitored and supported by machines. Our new ICU hopes to alleviate some of that anxiety with its bright, airy spaces and thoughtfully designed rooms.

Our patient rooms have a comfy space where a family member may stay with their loved one. There's also a spacious family area that offer a separate place to rest and recharge, with access to a nearby nutrition station and phone charging station.

The patient whiteboard, updated by staff multiple times a day, makes it easy for families to read and understand the care being provided to the patient.

If you have questions about our ICU or the care of your loved one, please ask anyone on your loved one's care team. We are happy to answer your questions.

Take a Tour of the ICU

Our new ICU opened in July of 2021 and is nearly twice the size of the old Critical Care unit. The 20-bed unit is located on the third floor of the EvergreenHealth Medical Center's silver tower.

We invite you to take a tour and learn more about the patient benefits of the new ICU. You can also take a 3-D tour of the space.

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