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Cardiac Nutrition Videos

After a cardiac event, nutrition is a key component of recovery. Through these videos you will learn how nutrition can affect your heart and some basic tips to improve your overall heart health through nutrition. We will give you ideas about how to incorporate these recommendations into your daily routine and diet.

Video 1: Nutrition Basics

  • Understand the components and recommendations of the Mediterranean diet, Healthy Eating Plate and USDA Dietary Guidelines.
  • Be able to identify what whole foods are

Video 2: Sodium and Label Reading

  • Understand sodium recommendations and how to balance sodium intake
  • Learn helpful tips for shopping and cooking low sodium meals
  • Be able to read and understand food labels
  • Understand the balance of nutrition data and importance of the enjoyment of food

Video 3: Dietary Fats and Cholesterol

  • Understand the components and recommended levels for your cholesterol profile
  • Understand the different types of fats
  • Define chronic inflammation and understand sources of dietary inflammation

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