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For Surgical Care Patients

We value your time and want your appointments to go as smoothly as possible. Below, you will find information and all of the items necessary to streamline the registration process and help us provide you with a great and timely experience.

If you have any questions, please call us at (425) 899-5500

New patients

We ask new patients to please arrive in our office 25 minutes early. We will need to verify your address and insurance information, and our staff will need to prepare your medical forms and records.

Please bring:

  • Your insurance card
  • A picture ID, if available
  • Your referral notice, if applicable
  • A check, cash or credit card for co-payments, deductible or co-insurance amount
  • Lab tests, X-rays or other medical records pertinent to your current medical care
  • The completed new patient forms. You can download them here (PDF), or we can mail them to you. Please read, complete and bring them with you.

Returning patients

We ask returning patients to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment so we can verify your address, insurance information, collect copays/deductibles and fill out any additional paperwork.

  • Bring insurance forms requiring notes from your physician, such as disability.
  • Check in at the front desk to verify that we have your correct personal information on file.

Patient forms

For colonoscopy patients

For breast surgery patients

For hernia surgery patients

Financial policy

It is the responsibility of the patient or guardians to ensure that all services are paid in full. Please review our financial policy for complete details.


Please request prescriptions and refills during your visits or call the pharmacy to determine if you have refills remaining.

  • Always bring a list of your medications to each appointment
  • Inform us of any medications you are taking that were ordered by another physician.

If you do not have a prescription refill remaining and need more medication, please call our office at (425) 899-5500.

Please contact your pharmacy for ALL prescription requests. Your pharmacy will notify us of any refill requests that require approval.

Call during office hours to leave a prescription request with our staff. A physician will review your medical record and, in most cases, your order will be available within 24 hours. If your refill is denied, we will call you with specific instructions.

Please remember: quality medical care can require a patient examination prior to ordering or refilling medication.


We will make every effort to meet your insurance requirements prior to providing services. However, each patient is responsible for verifying that referrals and authorizations have been properly prepared.

  • Please tell us of all insurance changes immediately.
  • Co-pay and deductibles are due at the time of service.
  • We accept debit, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, cash and check.

We can create special payment arrangements for private pay patients. To contact our Patient Accounts department, call (425) 899-5502.

Patient patience

Please understand that EvergreenHealth Surgical Care values your time and we'll do our best to stay on schedule.

However, our specialists may discover complications when examining patients during regular appointments or may be called to the Emergency Department to assist with a trauma case.

We appreciate your understanding that our first concern is always the safety and well-being of our patients, and we will never send a patient away without the proper care—regardless of their appointment time.

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