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Tasso TALT01-20 (Project ARRR)


The Tasso OnDemand study device is an investigational device that may enable convenient blood collection in the home setting in the future. We are looking to compare the blood collection of the Tasso OnDemand study device to gold standard phlebotomy (drawing blood) procedures.

Currently enrolling
Who may be eligible to participate

Male and female subjects, 18 years of age or older, with a known elevated alanine transaminase

(ALT) or suspected elevated ALT. Other inclusion/exclusion criteria may apply.

What does participation involve?

Subjects will have less than 2 teaspoons of blood drawn from their vein by venipuncture, and one small tube of blood collected from the upper arm with the Tasso OnDemand study device (less than 1/10 of a teaspoon). All blood collections will be performed by a trained health care professional. Following each blood draw and at the end of the visit, subjects will be asked a brief questionnaire comparing the different blood draw experiences. All blood draws and questionnaires will be completed in one visit to the study site.


Diego Lopez de Castilla, MD, MPH

Clinical Trial Categories

  • Hepatology
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