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Gene Therapy

Genetic testing of lung cancer tumors is an emerging science, but one that may allow for personalized therapy based on your tumor's specific genetic markers.

How Gene Therapy Works

EvergreenHealth's Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) medical oncologists send a sample of your tumor tissue to an FDA-approved company called Foundation One, which assesses gene alterations in the 324 genes known to drive cancer growth.

By finding the specific mutations or genetic changes in your tumor, your oncologist can help identify an already-available targeted therapy for you, one that will depend on the type of gene change discovered during testing.

The genetic test could also pinpoint an immunotherapy or clinical trial that is right for you.

What are the side effects of gene therapy?

Gene therapy combats cancer from inside the body, and therefore has minimal side effects when compared to more conventional treatments like chemotherapy or radiation.

How effective is genetic testing?

Right now, because genetic testing is still an evolving breakthrough, it may be only modestly helpful, with perhaps only a 5% benefit.

Regardless, our cutting-edge medical oncologists will submit your tumor for testing if they feel any genetic traits uncovered might help guide your treatment

Based on the findings, you may also be able to take part in a clinical trial involving new gene therapies for lung cancer.

SCCA has one of the most active clinical trial programs in the world – and you will have access to these promising new treatments, thanks to our partnership with SCCA.

Even better, the trials are administered by SCCA right here at EvergreenHealth's Halvorson Cancer Center…eliminating the need to battle traffic into SCCA's Seattle headquarters.

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