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Breast Health Center Exam Updates

Upgrade to patient portal will temporarily change the way you receive updates from the Breast Health Center

Work is under way to enhance patient experience and security for Breast Health Center patients on our My Navigator portal. This upgrade affects only Breast Health Center patients.

As of Aug. 11, you will experience a change in the way you receive updates from us: Instead of your receiving a portal-generated email message reminding you to visit the portal to schedule your appointment or view exam results, you’ll receive your reminders via US Mail.

Typical Portal Behavior

Typically, when it’s time to schedule your appointment or view exam results, you receive an email message through the My Navigator portal – prompting you to visit the portal to view your message.

Temporary Portal Behavior

Beginning Wednesday, Aug. 11, and continuing for several months, the My Navigator portal will not generate email reminder messages. Instead, you’ll receive a letter via US Mail, a reminder to schedule your appointment or to view your exam results.

Please be aware:

The letter with exam results that will come to you via US Mail will be a summary of the technical findings, written in everyday language. It will provide you with a quick and clear understanding of the results of your exam.

The radiology report, posted to the portal, is the detailed, technical medical report. We encourage you to discuss the report with your referring physician.

You may continue to visit My Navigator to schedule an appointment for a mammogram or to view your radiology reports! For now, we’ll send reminders via US Mail. Thank you for supporting enhancements to the portal, and we look forward to seeing you at your next visit.

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