Health Care Value

Image of Tina Mycroft,senior vice president and chief financial officer at EvergreenHealth.

Tina Mycroft, CPA, CGMA
Chief Financial Officer

At EvergreenHealth, we believe that health care value = the highest quality and safety matched with an exceptional patient experience plus the best cost.

The importance of your personal health means that price, safety and clinical outcomes are all incredibly important factors in your care. Higher price doesn’t always mean better care…the intersection where cost, quality and service meet is what we call value.

Whether a healthcare facility receives national recognition by organizations such as Health Grades or is performing amongst the highest in the state on publicly reported quality measures, validation by third-party sources is key. We invite you to explore these resources to learn more about quality and safety among Puget Sound area healthcare providers.

The data from these sources provides you with important quality information that can help you make more informed healthcare decisions. The data compares the quality of our outcomes against state and national averages, as well as other local healthcare providers.

The Community Checkup Report is another great tool to compare health care at clinics or hospitals in Washington State.

Hospital Pricing

We understand that hospital costs are topic that causes confusion and frustration. At EvergreenHealth, we believe that you should be empowered in your healthcare decisions and that you deserve to know the facts about quality, pricing and overall value.

Learn more about hospital costs, and to reach out to us to discuss your individual questions and obtain a personalized estimate for your out-of-pocket cost.