Governance & Leadership

As a Public Hospital District, EvergreenHealth is governed by a publicly-elected Board of Commissioners. The Board has ultimate responsibility and accountability for the District, which is operated on behalf of the District's constituents. The Board provides the statutory oversight to help EvergreenHealth strive to assure access by the community to high quality medical care and related services. The Commissioners approve major financial decisions for the District, and have many other responsibilities as provided by law.

EvergreenHealth and the Board of Commissioners value and appreciate input and feedback from the community. You can provide your comments to the Board a number of ways, including:

  • email us
  • postal mail to: Board of Commissioners, EvergreenHealth MS-28, 12040 NE 128th St., Kirkland, WA 98034.
  • attend our public meetings; there is an opportunity for public comment near the beginning of each meeting.

2017 Financial Report

2017 Report to the Community 

Community Health Needs Assessment and Implementation Plan


Leadership for EvergreenHealth is provided by the executive team, led by Dr. Amy Beiter, CEO. They serve to advance the mission of the organization.

Public Meetings

EvergreenHealth's Board of Commissioners typically meets three times each month:

  • The first Tuesday of the month is a Study Session, which is to consider matters for later decision by the Board and other information pertinent to the District. 
  • The second Friday of the month is an Educational session, where the commissioners are updated on programs and services.
  • The third Tuesday of the month is the Board's "Regular" Meeting, at which the Board takes official action on matters before it. 

The Board reserves the ability to modify its schedule for taking action as necessary to meet the needs of the District, which it does after public notice.

The Board's meetings are generally open to the public. There is an opportunity for public comment near the beginning of the Regular Board Meeting on the third Tuesday of the month.

2018 Public Meeting Schedule

Study Session: 4:30pm - executive sessions begins; 5:30pm public meeting begins
Board Meeting: 5pm - executive session begins; 6:30pm public meeting begins

Location:  Room Tan 250
(Located in the EvergreenHealth Surgery & Physicians Pavilion, which is adjacent to EvergreenHealth Medical Center)

Minutes from each meeting are posted after they are approved at the next month's meeting.  

Jan. 12 - Study Session 

No Educational

Jan. 16 - Board Meeting 

Feb. 6 - Study Session 

No Educational

Feb. 20 - Board Meeting 

Mar. 6 - Study Session

Mar. 9 - Educational

Mar. 20 - Board Meeting

Apr. 3 - Study Session 

Apr. 13 - Educational

Apr. 17 - Board Meeting

May 1 - Study Session 

May 3-4 - Leadership Retreat

May 15 - Board Meeting 

June 5 - Study Session 

June 8 - Educational

June 19 - Board Meeting

June 25 - Special Meeting

June 26 - Special Meeting

June 27 - Special Meeting 

July 10 - Study Session 

July 13 - Educational

July 17 - Board Meeting 
July 24 - Special Meeting

Aug. 7 - Study Session

Aug. 10 - Educational

Aug. 21 - Board Meeting 

Sept. 4 - Study Session

Sept. 14 - Educational

Sept. 18 - Board Meeting

Oct. 12 - Educational

Oct. 16 - Board Meeting

Nov. 6 - Study Session

Nov. 9 - Budget Hearing

Nov. 20 - Board Meeting [Agenda]

Dec. 4 - Study Session Cancelled 

Dec. 14 - Educational

Dec. 18 - Board Meeting 

Public Meeting Archive