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Surgical Services

Surgical Services

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General Surgery

Evergreen offers a comprehensive range of surgical services, from progressive robot-assisted and minimally invasive procedures to complex neurosurgery to placement of children's ear tubes and tonsillectomies.

We provide the Eastside community with surgical services that are technologically advanced and conveniently located close to home.

Evergreen has two surgical locations; your surgeon will select the appropriate site for your procedure:

     EvergreenHealth Surgery Care - Blue, which provides both in- and outpatient surgeries
          ~ see information in the left-hand column for hospital-based surgeries

     EvergreenHealth Surgery Care - Tan, which specializes in outpatient, same-day surgeries
          ~ click here for information (formerly the Evergreen Surgical Center),

Evergreen's surgical services embody the hospital's commitment to breadth and depth of expertise in an atmosphere of compassionate care. Surgeons work with highly technologically trained anesthesiologists, nursing and support staff to ensure unsurpassed care and support for both patients and their families.

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Follow a surgical case to learn more about our procedures and safeguards to ensure successful surgical outcomes.

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