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Orthopedic Care

Orthopedic Care


Is pain in a bone, muscle or joint keeping you from your work, your favorite activities or just getting out of bed in the morning without hurting?

We can help you.

The physician specialists of EvergreenHealth Orthopedic Care and the EvergreenHealth Spine Institute are ready to work with you to find both the cause and the solution to your pain and help get you back to life pain-free.

Why choose EvergreenHealth for your orthopedic care?

Expertise. Our team includes physiatrists, physician therapists, pain specialists and more than 40 renowned orthopedic surgeons. Our experts will pinpoint the root cause of your pain and start you off with a program of conservative therapy options designed to meet your goals. Should surgery be called for, we can refer you to a surgeon with advanced expertise in minimally invasive and computer-assisted techniques.

Minimally Invasive and Computer-assisted Surgery. We are leaders in both minimally invasive and computer-assisted surgery techniques. The smaller incisions and operative precision mean less pain, less blood loss and less risk of infection - all of which means a quicker recovery and a better outcome for you.

Follow-up Care. Our program provides a seamless transition to both home care and rehabilitation services, with experts who are specially trained in the needs of orthopedic patients.

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EvergreenHealth's team of physiatrists, pain management specialists, surgeons and rehabilitation experts is here to help you find the best solution to get back to the activities you love. Our orthopedic experts will work with you to create an individualized treatment plan based on your diagnosis and your goals.  

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Patient stories

Our patients love to tell how EvergreenHealth orthopedic care helped them return to the activities they love. Patient stories

Minimally invasive surgery in the Seattle area     Minimally invasive surgery in the Seattle area     Minimally invasive surgery in the Seattle area


Minimally invasive surgery in the Seattle area

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Call the EvergreenHealth Nurse Navigator and Healthline (425.899.3000) and press "1" to speak with a referral coordinator. They can answer your questions, help you find a surgeon and even schedule an appointment for you.

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