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Maternity Care

Childbirth Education

At EvergreenHealth, childbirth education doesn't end when your baby is born - it continues all the way through your baby's first year to help ensure that your new family gets off to the best start possible.

We're here to help you prepare for labor and delivery, and we'll show you how to prepare and care for your newborn. But we also know that a new baby changes the family dynamic, so we'll provide you with information about communication and parenting styles and other important topics to keep your family unit strong through the upcoming changes.  Our classes are taught by certified childbirth and lactation educators.

Register for Classes

We recommend registration early in your pregnancy, as classes fill quickly. You should plan to attend your childbirth preparation classes during your 6th - 8th month of pregnancy.  If you are expecting multiples, plan to attend during your 4th - 5th month.

You may register for your classes online at the links below. If class dates are unavailable, we do have class wait lists. 

You may register for classes separately, or we are now offering 2 class packages.  These package options are for those looking for a well-rounded educational experience at a discount rate. Classes in each package are non-exchangeable. To register for a package or for rate information, please call the EvergreenHealth Nurse Navigator & Healthline at 425.899.3000, Monday-Friday 7am-7pm.


Platinum Package
Warm Welcomes
Labor and Birth
Day About Baby
Breastfeeding Basics and Beyond
Pumping Class
Car Seat Safety
Infant and Child CPR

     Postpartum Package
Starting Solids
Breastfeeding Your Older Baby
Pumping Class

If you have questions, wish to be placed on a class wait list, or prefer to register by phone, please call the EvergreenHealth Nurse Navigator & Healthline at 425.899.3000, Monday-Friday 7am-7pm.

Let us know if you need special accommodations to participate.

Pondering Parenthood

Information to help you decide if this is the right time for a baby plus advice to help you plan for a healthy pregnancy.


Get a first-hand look at your options for childbirth at our nationally-recognized Family Maternity Center. 

Pregnancy Testing Options

Learn about pregnancy testing options.

Select Your Classes

Begin by selecting your Labor & Birth classes:

Our Warm Welcomes sessions are a great beginning for first-time parents:

These core classes are highly recommended, especially if you are a first-time parent:

Round out your childbirth education with class choices under these topics:

Select your baby's doctor.

It's important to have your baby's doctor selected before you give birth. Check out our tips on how to choose the best physician for your baby.

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Our classes and seminars can help you and your family achieve your best health.

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