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Evergreen Care Network

Evergreen Care Network

Evergreen Care Network is here to help whenever special needs arise as a result of aging, chronic illness or disability.  We help people live as independently as possible by creating a network of support from the various social services that exist in this community.

For more information about any of our programs listed below:

425.899.3200 (Monday through Friday, 8am- 5pm)

Information, Referral & Assistance

When you have questions or concerns about someone who may need help, we can provide information about community resources, referrals and assistance with accessing services.

If a problem is more complex than can be handled over the phone, we can arrange a visit in your home or at our office located at EvergreenHealth.

Our knowledgeable staff can provide:

  • Linkage to financial/insurance options
  • Connection to health care and other social services
  • Planning for and setting up in-home services to maximize independence, increase safety and help manage disability or illness
  • Nursing home, assisted living or adult family home personal emergency response system information
  • Assistance with issues relating to mental illness, chronic illness, domestic violence, pregnancy, special needs

Case Management

If you or someone you know needs ongoing assistance with managing daily activities or coordinating special care needs, and family or other support is not readily available, our care coordinators can work closely with you, and even come to your home, to:

  • Coordinate physician and care provider services
  • Perform comprehensive assessments and develop plans of care
  • Conduct ongoing monitoring, support and regular assessment
  • Provide short-term crisis intervention and counseling
  • Offer assistance with planning and long-term care placement

Care for the Caregivers

If you or others you know are providing care and support to a loved one, the Care Network offers caregiver information, support groups and resources that can help. You may be eligible for respite services offered by the state's respite program, which allows caregivers regular time off by providing temporary care at home or in an adult day care setting.

Eldercare Services

If you need information on medical insurance and eldercare resources, we have a resource library and experts available to give you advice on what you need to do to plan ahead for your aging family member. 

We also have a Medicare expert (SHIBA or State Insurance Health Benefits Advisor) trained by the Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner available to provide consultation free of charge. We can schedule an appointment (one hour or longer if needed) in our office, or we can provide information over the phone.

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