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Breast Health Center

Breast Health Center

3-D Mammography in the Seattle regionNo one likes to think about the possibility of having breast cancer. But fear of breast cancer shouldn't keep you from getting your mammogram.

Mammography is the single most effective thing you can do to make sure that if you should have breast cancer, it's detected at its earliest and most treatable stages.

That's why the EvergreenHealth Breast Health Center was the first in King County to offer 3-D digital mammography imaging technology, known as tomosynthesis. This latest breakthrough in breast cancer detecting technology provides digital 3-D images of the breast that can spot cancers not seen by regular 2-D mammography. Learn the Top 10 Benefits of 3-D Mammography

That means catching cancer when it's most treatable. It's one of the reasons why our breast cancer treatment outcomes and long-term survival rates exceed the national averages:

Outcomes EvergreenHealth Nationally
Patients diagnosed in early stages,
due to advanced methods and technology
91% 86%
Five-year survival rate * 92.5% 85.5%
No recurrence of disease after 12 yearsite spacer 98% 85%
  * Cases diagnosed in 2003-2006 data from 1489 programs. Source: 2014 National Cancer Data Base (NCDB) Commission on Cancer (CoC), August 18, 2014    


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Breast Center

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breast centers.


Learn More about the Breast Health Center

You're in good hands at the EvergreenHealth Breast Health Center. We are a team of caregivers who collaborate to meet all of your breast care needs in one convenient setting.

This includes:

Should treatment be needed, you'll have immediate access to the Halvorson Cancer Center for surgical, radiation and medical oncology treatment options, including clinical and research studies.

Learn more about mammography

Learn more about the Breast Health Center by watching our videos:

3-D Mammography in the Seattle region

Kara Carlson, MD
Medical Director


3-D Mammography in the Seattle region

Breast Health Center


3-D Mammography in the Seattle region

Cari - Breast Health
Center Patient

Dr. Carlson Featured on New Day Northwest

Dr. Kara Carlson, medical director of the EvergreenHealth Breast Center, talks with New Day host Margaret Larson about advances in mammography that lead to earlier detection of breast cancer.

Patient Stories

Our patients love to tell how their care at the Breast Health Center helped them become breast cancer survivors. Read Patient Stories

3-D Mammography in the Seattle region   3-D Mammography in the Seattle region   3-D Mammography in the Seattle region

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