For Orthopedic & Sports Care, Coral Patients

Our goal is to streamline the registration process and reduce your waiting time. To help us with that, please follow these instructions prior to your appointment:

For all New Patients

Please bring with you:

  • Relevant records, especially X-rays and MRI. We prefer to have the actual images (on CD or DVD) in addition to the radiologist's report.
  • A current copy of your insurance cards and a photo ID.
  • A list of your current medications with you to your office visit.

Please download and complete these forms, and bring with to your appointment:

What our Patients Say About Us

"Thank you for taking such great care of my knee. The surgery was clearly a success! I was back to skiing moguls this winter. I am playing tennis again, too!"

"As a professional cyclist, it is great to work with someone who truly understands and shares my enthusiasm for cycling. When I broke my ankle mountain biking, Dr. Matt Oseto was the obvious choice as my surgeon because he knows the specific athletic demands I need to achieve to return to my cycling and racing goals." 

"Knee is fabulous!!! No pain, no swelling, no limp, no pills. I can walk straight. Thanks for a good job! Just sorry I did not do it 4 years ago."

"Thank you for the terrific work you did. You made a real difference in my life. Whenever a friend or co-worker mentions knee problems, I always mention your name and let them know I what a god experience I had in your care."