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Counseling & Support Services

The following resources have been compiled by your medical staff colleagues:

Physician Assistance Program

EvergreenHealth's medical coverage, First Choice Health, provides a Physician Assistance Program for you and your family.

Services are cost-free, convenient and confidential, and cover your spouse or live-in partner and eligible dependent children.

This service is available free of cost to all medical staff members, both independent and employed.

Learn more about the Physician Assistance Program

Physician support line

(888) 409-0141


Emotional PPE Project


Recommended counselors


Rob Baker, MA, LMHC, LMHC, CSAT – coach, therapist (425) 451-0335 (Bellevue)

Becky Bay, MD – psychiatrist (425) 947-1303 (Kirkland)

Gretchen Carlson, MD – psychiatrist (425) 688-1888 (Bellevue)

Steven Juergens, MD – psychiatrist (425) 454-0255 (Bellevue)

Ernest Madhavan, MD – psychiatrist (425) 803-2024 (Kirkland)

Gregory Roeben, MD – psychiatrist (425) 635-9400 (Bellevue)

Jennifer Shannon, MD – psychiatrist (425) 637-3976 (Bellevue)

Lillian Trexler, MD – psychiatrist (425) 450-0522 (Bellevue)

Raymond Vath, MD – psychiatrist (425) 822-2097 (Redmond)

Donna Bevan-Lee, PhD, MSW – psychologist (425) 677-7711 (Issaquah)

Amy Breiger, PhD – psychologist (425) 947-3636 (Kirkland)

Catherine Cox, PhD – psychologist (425) 947-3636 (Kirkland)

Marsha Houdek Jimenez, PhD – psychologist (425) 885-3330 x2 (Redmond)

Paul Hutchinson, PhD – psychologist (425) 646-8665 (Bellevue)

Connie Kehrer, PhD – psychologist (425) 301-8832 (Bellevue)

Gail Rosenberg, PhD – psychologist (425) 954-9090 (Bellevue)

Marie L. Sweeney, PhD – psychologist (425) 417-4700 (Bellevue)

Rosemary Tyksinski, PhD – psychologist (206) 972-0188 (Bellevue)

Center for Discovery – residential treatment (425) 292-8772 (Bellevue)

Rosie Carey, MA, LMHC – therapist (425) 827-8500 (Kirkland)

Kathryn Korslund, PhD – therapist (425) 454-1199 (Bellevue)

Loryann Nichols, LMFT – therapist (425) 889-0832 (Kirkland)

Pacific Behavioral Healthcare (425) 628-2820 (Bellevue)

North Seattle/South Snohomish County

Sarah Rattray, PhD – psychologist (206) 542-6148 (Shoreline)

Karen Eikenberry, MED, LMHC – therapist (206) 367-3499 (Shoreline)

Tracy Kalloway, MA, LMHC – therapist (206) 802-9668 (Mountlake Terrace)

Megan O'Laughlin, MSW, LICSW – therapist (206) 802-9668 (Mountlake Terrace)

Greater Seattle

Wallace Wilkins, PhD – coach (206) 284-1943 (Seattle)

Tye Hunter, PhD – forensic psychologist (206) 386-2470 (Downtown Seattle)

Les Rawlings, PhD – forensic psychologist (206) 323-0905 (Seattle)

Aimee Asgarian, PhD – neuropsychologist (206) 331-4011 (Ballard)

Heather Kroll, MD – (206) 859-5030 (Queen Anne)

Alexa Albert, MD – psychiatrist (206) 559-2454 (Laurelhurst)

Kathleen Ang-Lee, MD – psychiatrist (206) 535-6292 (Northgate)

David Avery, MD – psychiatrist (206) 386-3103 (Lake Union)

Ashley Bouzis, MD – psychiatrist (206) 386-3103 (Lake Union)

Christina Chavez, MD – psychiatrist (206) 685-1011 (Seattle)

Jack Conway, MD – psychiatrist (206) 623-6111 (Seattle)

Deborah Cowley, MD – psychiatrist (206) 598-7792 (Seattle)

Molly Davis, MD – psychiatrist (206) 535-6292 (Seattle)

Christina Demopulos, MD – psychiatrist (206) 230-0330 (Mercer Island)

Rebecca Fischer, MD – psychiatrist (206) 535-6292 (Seattle)

Scot Gibson, MD – psychiatrist (206) 577-3727 (Downtown Seattle)

Marty Hoiness, MD – psychiatrist (206) 448-7004 (Belltown)

Tushar Kumar, MD – psychiatrist (206) 386-3103 (Lake Union)

Dannica Lin, MD – psychiatrist (206) 386-3103 (South Lake Union)

Julie Lord, MD – psychiatrist (206) 317-7632 (Downtown Seattle)

Charles Meredith, MD – psychiatrist (206) 386-3103 (Eastlake)

Doanne Rising, MD – psychiatrist (206) 956-0529 (Downtown Seattle)

Peter Roy-Byrne, MD – psychiatrist (206) 386-3103 (Lake Union)

Tom Semper, MD – psychiatrist (206) 329-5255 (First Hill)

Paula Slater, MD – psychiatrist (206) 386-3103 (Downtown Seattle)

Jeff Sung, MD – psychiatrist (206) 744-1500 (Pioneer Square)

Charlie Thompson, MD – psychiatrist (206) 284-4861 (Queen Anne)

Janet Abrams, PsyD – psychologist (206) 448-1122 (Downtown Seattle)

Michelle Brown, PsyD – psychologist (206) 317-4646 (West Seattle)

Tim Cahn, PhD – psychologist (206) 624-1856 (Capitol Hill)

Cassandra Clark, PhD – psychologist (206) 632-9316 (Seattle)

Nancy Davidson, PsyD – psychologist (206) 329-0477 (Fremont)

Angela Davis, PhD – psychologist (206) 582-5125 (Wallingford)

Elizabeth Dexter-Mazza, PsyD – psychologist (206) 779-1265 (University Village)

Ruth Herman-Dunn, PhD – psychologist (206) 937-1186 x1 (West Seattle)

Renee Katz, PhD – psychologist (206) 27-.2110 (Mercer Island)

Debra Kaysen, PhD – psychologist (206) 598-7791 (Seattle)

Meghan Keough, PhD – psychologist (206) 386-3103 (Lake Union)

David Kosins, PhD – psychologist (206) 285-0900 (Queen Anne)

Carmen Lasby, PsyD – psychologist (206) 300-2452 x702 (Fremont)

Jordan Lyon, PhD – psychologist (206) 291-4173 (Green Lake)

James Moore, PhD – psychologist (206) 859-5030 (Queen Anne)

Brit Poulson, PhD – psychologist (206) 906-9856 (Seattle)

Gail Rowe, PhD – psychologist (206) 361-4134 (Capitol Hill)

John Schwab, PhD – psychologist (206) 780-3976 (Pioneer Square)

Becky Sherman, PhD – psychologist (206) 745-0403 (Seattle)

Heidi Wasch, PhD – psychologist (206) 547-1445 (Wallingford, West Seattle)

Mags Aleks, LMHC – therapist (415) 534-5012 (Fremont)

Kerry Billingham, LMHC – therapist (206) 310-5822 (Fremont)

Kendra Bloom, LMHCA – therapist (206) 659-5544 (Madrona)

Susan Bolotin, MSW – therapist (206) 999-3211 (Capitol Hill)

Janie Burke, MA – therapist (206) 713-2771 (Bainbridge Island)

Christy Caldwell, LICSW, CDP – therapist (206) 794-9559 (Eastlake)

Anil Coumar, MBBS, MA – therapist (206) 925-3158 (Laurelhurst)

Stephen Cummings, PhD – therapist (206) 328-3300 (Montlake)

Diana Elstad, MS, CDP, LMHC – therapist (425) 890-7113 (Downtown Seattle)

Lisa Erickson, MS, LMHC – therapist (206) 352-0363 (Madison Park)

Lynn Garvey, MSW, LICSW – therapist (206) 932-2997 (West Seattle)

Bob Goettle, MA, LMHC – therapist (206) 372-8400 (Capitol Hill)

Mark Goodman, LHMC – therapist (206) 605-3441 (Queen Anne)

John Gottman, PhD – therapist (Downtown Seattle)

Catherine Haynes, MS, LMFT – therapist (206) 854-7333 (Maple Leaf)

Brena Lever, LICSW – therapist (206) 351-5894 (Ballard)

Lynn Morrison, MA, CHT – therapist (206) 633-0626 (Seattle)

Cristina Mullen, MSW – therapist (206) 565-0418 (Westlake)

Mac Partlow, MA, LMHC – therapist (206) 276-0325 (First Hill)

Anne Phillips, MS, LMHC – therapist (206) 297-5929 (Fremont)

Carolyn Rodenberg, MA – therapist (206) 367-3058 (Northgate)

Rebecca Schneir, MA, LMFT – therapist (206) 805-9119 (Fremont)

Lisa Tarrach, MA, LMFT – therapist (Seattle)

Seattle Mindfulness Center – therapist (206) 387-5183 (Phinney Ridge)

Center for Courage & Renewal – therapist (206) 466-2055 (Downtown Seattle)

Evidence Based Treatment Center of Seattle – 206.374.0109 (Downtown Seattle)

South End

Ronald Cohen, MD – psychiatrist (425) 656-4055 (Renton)

Nancy Eveleth, LMHC – therapist (425) 656-4055 (Renton)

Ernestine Rombouts, LICSW, MAC, CDP – therapist (425) 204-5080 (Renton)

Various Locations

Patti Lind – coach (503) 318-4665

Eastside Psychological Associates – psychologist
Bothell: (425) 481-5700 Issaquah: (425) 427-2474 Snoqualmie: (425) 292-3318

Dike Drummond, MD – therapist (206) 430-1905

Group Website

Eastside Psychological Associates
Offices in Bothell, Issaquah and Snoqualmie

Telephone Service

Washington Recovery Helpline – (866) 789-1511
Professionally trained volunteers and staff are available to provide emotional support 24 hours a day, and offer treatment resources for substance abuse, problem gambling, and mental health, etc.

EvergreenHealth Employed Providers – First Choice Health Physician Assistance Program
(800) 777-1323

Physician Coaching

Patti Lind – (503) 318-4665 or

Community of Christian Healthcare Leaders

The mission of this group is to strengthen, encourage and develop healthcare leaders so they can shine Christ in their world, build winning teams and see lives and relationships thrive and flourish in the context of their vocational calling.

The groups meets the last Wednesday of each month, 6:30 -7:30 a.m. in room Tan 119 at EvergreenHealth Medical Center in Kirkland.

For more information, call or text Steve Schaefer (425) 417-4021 or Steve Bradshaw (425) 773-7220.

Center for Courage & Renewal

The Center for Courage & Renewal's mission is to create a more just, compassionate and healthy world by nurturing personal and professional integrity and the courage to act on it.

It supports medical professionals who want to reclaim their hearts, their work, and the people they serve.

Center for Courage & Renewal Website | Programs and Events | Blogs

Chemical Dependency, or Physical or Emotional Impairment

WPHP (Washington Physicians Health Program) – for Physicians, Dentists, PAs, Vet

WHPS (Washington Health Professional Services) – for RNs, ARNPs

PRN (Pharmacist Recovery Network) – for Pharmacists

For Education, Wellness and Renewal

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

Bet Alef Meditational Synagogue: Mindfulness meditation within the Jewish tradition. Rabbi Ted Falcon (206) 527-9919

Centering Prayer Groups: Mindfulness meditation practiced within a Christian tradition. Meets at St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral, 1245 10th Ave E., Seattle. The contact person is: Gay Marcontell at (206) 322-7482.

Compline Service, St Mark’s Cathedral: Every Sunday evening at 9:30 p.m., the all-male Compline Choir leads this formal choral meditative service. Attend in person at 1245 Tenth Ave in Seattle or more listen to the broadcast on KING-FM, 98.1.

Downtown Seattle Lunch Hour Meditation: Mondays 12:30-1 p.m. 509 Olive Way, Conference Room, Suite 1055. Free. Organized and hosted by Amy Darling, a licensed acupuncturist in the building who has been practicing Zen Buddhism since 1996.

Mindfulness Community of Puget Sound: Mindfulness meditation from a Buddhist perspective, in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh. 1920 24th Ave. S. Seattle, WA. Meets Monday evenings from 7-9 p.m. for meditation and instruction. Day of mindfulness on the third Sunday of the month. Regular programs are on a donation basis.

Northwest Dharma Association: A wonderful resource for information on mindfulness meditation in the Buddhist tradition – includes a regular newsletter with articles by meditation teachers and a listing of local meditation classes and retreats. (206) 441-6811.

Seattle Insight Meditation Society (SIMS): Mindfulness meditation from a Buddhist perspective (Vipassana style). Regular meditation and lecture on Tuesdays at 6:45 p.m. at Bloedel Hall, St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral, 1245 10th Ave E., Seattle Cathedral. This organization offers beginning meditation classes at locations throughout the Seattle area and regularly sponsors respected mindfulness teachers who visit Seattle from around the world.

Seattle Soto Zen: Zen meditation with an emphasis on present moment experience and clarity. Instruction and support available from resident priest Eko Jeff Kelley ( Sundays at 9:30 a.m. at Puget Sound Aikido. 101 Nickerson, Seattle (Nickerson Business Park), just south of Freemont.

University Friends Meeting: Seattle area Quakers, silent worship services weekly.

Veteran’s Weekly Meditation (VA): Every Monday 11 a.m.–12 p.m., VA Hospital Seattle. Special refresher courses taught by MBSR instructors are also being offered. Contact the MBSR Coordinator to confirm times and room locations. (206) 277-1721

Mindful Movement


Here are just a few of many excellent yoga studios in the Seattle area:

Phinney Ridge Yoga: Known in the Seattle community for their heart full approach and experience adapting classes to meet individual needs. Offers a supportive and welcoming space, where students of all ages and physical abilities can come unwind and explore the healing benefits of yoga. 6615 Dayton Avenue N, Seattle, 98103. (206) 547-2172

Seattle Yoga Arts: Denise Benitez and other excellent teachers. 109 15th Ave. E, Seattle, 98122. (206) 784-6316

Yoga Life: near Greenlake at 7200 Woodlawn Ave, NE. (206) 529-0581

Tai Ji & Qi Gong

Taoist Studies Institute: The Taoist Studies Institute offers education and training in practices including Taoist meditation, Tai Ji & Qi Gong, philosophy, traditional medicine, and the arts. 225 North 70th Street, Seattle. (206) 784-5632

Embrace the Moon: Offers regular classes and workshops for all ages and fitness levels. 1716 NW Market, Seattle, 98107. (206) 789-0993

Mindfulness-based Therapists

When incorporating mindfulness into our lives, sometime emotional issues arise that are best addressed with additional support. Below are some trusted Mindfulness Based Therapists in the Seattle community.

Catherine Haynes: 5502 34th Ave. N.E. Seattle, 98105 (206) 854-7333

Lynn Morrison: Phinney Ridge (206) 633-0626

Mark Goodman 210 1/2 West Galer Street, Seattle, 98119. (206) 605-3441

Seattle Mindfulness Center – group practice of several therapists with a mindfulness orientation.

Center for Courage and Renewal

Dike Drummond, MD– physician burnout prevention and treatment

Wellness Sections are also available within your given specialty – check with your national organization

Happiness Links

Self-Compassion Kristin Neff. This extraordinary book offers exercises and action plans for dealing with every emotionally debilitating struggle, be it parenting, weight loss, or any of the numerous trials of everyday living.”

The Science of Happiness UC Berkeley’s EdX online class on the Science of Happiness. It is free; you can audit it. You can go at your own pace and it’s easy. It is a lot about mindfulness in general with additional topics

Greater Good Science Center UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center has a newsletter and blog site related to the Science of Happiness.

Seminars and Retreats

The following seminars and retreats are designed to help you step off the treadmill of your job as a physician.

Rediscovering the Heart of Health Care: A Courage to Lead® Retreat Series

In this three-retreat program, you and your health care colleagues will explore how best to listen, live and lead with integrity so you can serve the world with courage. In large and small group sessions, you'll have the opportunity to work with classic teachings, poetry and personal stories to reflect on your experiences as healers, teachers and leaders.

Get more information at

Cultivating Compassion Classes with Diane Hetrick

Visit the website at