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Remote Access Setup

Minimum requirements to access our resources are either a PC running Windows 10 or higher, or a Mac running OS 10.15 or higher.

EvergreenHealth Portal Access

This web page outlines the tools you will need to access any of the portals EvergreenHealth provides for its remote users. This includes:

To use any of the applications besides email and Healthstream/LMS, you will need one of the following:

As well as one of the following:

Microsoft O365/Teams Access

If you need to access an EvergreenHealth email account or Teams from a personal computer, a computer belonging to an organization other than EvergreenHealth, or a mobile phone, you will need to install Microsoft Authenticator on a mobile phone. Please note that, unlike with Imprivata above, this requires a smartphone or other device running Android or iOS.

Once Microsoft Authenticator is installed, you may install Microsoft Outlook onto the same device if you wish to access your email on it. Setup is very straightforward:

  1. Download Microsoft Outlook from your App store or Play store.
  2. When opened, it may offer you the option to add the account already linked with your Authenticator or it may require you to type in the email address to find it.
  3. After signing into this account, it will prompt you to go to the Authenticator. This should immediately send a push notification to approve like in step 2d of the Microsoft Authenticator setup listed in the instructions above.
  4. Approving this should start emails downloading to the device.

If you would like to add Microsoft Teams to the device as well, following the process just described should work equally well.

Contact IT for Installation Troubleshooting 

(425) 899-1740