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EpicCare Link Frequently Asked Questions

Connecting Our Community Partners with EvergreenHealth

What can I view in EpicCare Link?

Depending on a user's role and access level, you may be able to view:

  • Patient demographics, chart review, histories, and problem list
  • Orders placed by physicians and clinical staff
  • Hospital admissions, discharge summaries and post-discharge requests
  • Consultation notes, scanned documents, and office visit notes
  • Radiology images, cardiology studies, laboratory test results and pathology reports
  • Benefits and eligibility, insurance information, claims/authorizations
  • Surgeon's surgery schedule
  • Referral notifications as well as place and receive referrals.

Can my staff get their own EpicCare Link account?

Yes. With EpicCare Link, access to patient information is configured to each user's role – giving them access to just the information they need. Common EpicCare Link users include:

  • Office staff of affiliated physicians and providers
  • Skilled nursing facilities, hospice, long-term care facilities, and home health agencies
  • Community physicians who do not have inpatient privileges
  • Non-affiliated community services such as ambulance, blood banks or tissue banks
  • Remote rural hospitals and health clinics
  • Contracted groups and providers for managed care patients.

Will I need special equipment to access EpicCare Link?

No. All you need to access EpicCare Link is a computer and an internet connection. EpicCare Link is compatible with all current operating systems and browsers, and data is encrypted to ensure that only you and EvergreenHealth have access.

How do I remove a staff member's EpicCare Link access?

Site Administrators will be able to manage the access for all of your new and existing users. At any point a user leaves your organization, you may manually remove them from your group. EvergreenHealth will also systematically prompt you to review your user lists every three months.  There are tip sheets within the EpicCare Link portal to instruct your Site Administrators how to complete this task.

Can patients use MyChart to authorize an outside provider to access their health information using EpicCare Link?

Yes. Patients can complete the EpicCare Link authorization form available on the main menu of the MyChart website. EvergreenHealth will review the submissions and give the provider access through their EpicCare Link account.

Is there a fee for using EpicCare Link?

No, there is no fee associated with EpicCare Link.

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