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Brandon Messerli, DO

Patient Ratings

4.7 / 5 (Based on 134 Ratings)


Sports Medicine, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, and Physiatry

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Dr. Brandon Messerli is a board certified expert in nonoperative treatment of musculoskeletal pain and injuries.

Conditions Treated

nerve pain, pars fractures, sacroiliac joint pain, sciatica, ulnar neuropathy, annular tear, cervicogenic headaches, curvature of the spine, degenerative discs, discogenic back pain, facet joint pain, herniated discs, hip bursitis, hip osteoarthritis, knee osteoarthritis, olecranon bursitis, pinched nerve, piriformis syndrome, radicular pain, sacroiliac joint arthritis, spine arthritis, spondylosis, sports injury, synovial cysts, whiplash, facet arthropathy, carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, back pain, elbow injury, elbow pain, foot pain, headaches, hip arthritis, hip injury, hip pain, Knee arthritis, knee pain, lower back pain, musculoskeletal conditions, neck pain, radiculopathy, scoliosis, wrist injury, wrist pain, occipital neuralgia, plantar fasciitis, joint injuries, musculoskeletal pain, back injury, and spine disorders

Procedures Performed

cervical, thoracic and lumbar facet joint injections, cervical, thoracic and lumbar interlaminar epidurals, cervical, thoracic and lumbar medial branch blocks, cervical, thoracic and lumbar radiofrequency neurotomy, cervical, thoracic and lumbar transforaminal epidurals, electrodiagnostic evaluations, knee injections, radiofrequency neurotomy for sacroiliac joint pain, regenerative injections, sacrococcygeal joint injections, sacroiliac joint injections, ultrasound-guided injections, xray-guided injections, ankle injections, back injections, bursa injections, caudal epidural injections, corticosteroid injections, costotransverse joint injections, diagnostic epidural spinal injections, epidural steroid injections, facet joint blocks, facet joint injections, foot injections, intramuscular botulinum toxin injections, lumbar epidural injections, lumbar facet injections, nerve root block, peripheral joint injections, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, radiofrequency neurotomy for facet joint pain, sacroiliac joint lateral branch blocks, spinal nerve injections, tendon sheath injections, therapeutic spinal injections, ultrasound-guided joint injections, ultrasound-guided tendon injections, electromyography (EMG), nerve conduction studies, nonsurgical treatment of spine conditions, osteopathic manual therapy, shoulder injections, spine facet blocks, spine radiofrequency procedures, spine steroid injections, tenotomy, ultrasound-guided joint procedures, ultrasound-guided nerve procedures, ultrasound-guided tendon procedures, epidurals, joint injections, medial branch blocks, nerve injections, diagnostic ultrasound, and hip injections

Contact Information

  • Office: 425-899-1220
  • Fax: 425-899-1219







Interpretation Services Available

Board Certification

Board Certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Board Certified in Sports Medicine


Dr. Brandon Messerli has obtained the highest level of expertise in the non-surgical management of spine, MSK and sports medicine. He chose an osteopathic medical school to obtain a holistic view of injury and disease, including the inter-connectedness of MSK (and non-MSK) conditions, the impact of lifestyle and environment on our health, and the effectiveness of whole-person treatment to optimize our body's intrinsic ability to heal itself.
He excelled in PM&R Residency training at one of the top programs in the country. His additional year of Fellowship/Subspecialty training was precepted by two of the most esteemed experts in the field of interventional spine and two of the region's pioneers in MSK ultrasound. He has been refining his expertise with over 10 years of clinical practice.
He chose to work at EvergreenHealth Sport & Spine Care because of the consistently high quality of medicine being practiced by his colleague physiatrists and surgeons, and the multidisciplinary collaboration for patient care and continuing medical education. Dr. Messerli also provides compassionate and empathetic care because of his and his family's own experiences with MSK conditions, and this gives him an understanding of the physical, emotional, social and vocational struggles that can arise with chronic pain.

Clinical Expertise

Spine, musculoskeletal (MSK) and sports medicine
Back and neck spinal injections, including epidural injections for nerve pain, radiofrequency ablation and steroid injections for arthritic joints, and diagnostic blocks
Certified diagnostic MSK ultrasonographer
Ultrasound-guided joint, tendon and nerve procedures
Hyaluronic acid and platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections
Electrodiagnostic (EMG) testing
Osteopathic evaluation and manual therapy

Philosophy of Care

Dr. Messerli uses the most conservative and least invasive care possible to help restore his patients to their optimum level of functioning and quality of life. He believes that the patient-doctor relationship is one of partnership and collaboration, and your unique circumstances are considered when recommending treatments. Typically 80-90% of MSK conditions do not require surgery. As Dr. Messerli is not a surgeon, you can have confidence that he will not push you towards unnecessary surgery.
When multiple problems are bothering you, his broad scope of knowledge and expertise can help you sort out the precise diagnosis and prognosis for each condition, determine if they are interrelated, understand the treatment options for each, prioritize the issues and treatments, and act as a "quarterback" to unify your treatment team's approach. He believes that a multi-faceted treatment approach often works best and fastest, and prevents recurrences. Rather than take a myopic focus on a single pain complaint, he evaluates for other relevant conditions that need to be treated to ensure long-term success.
Dr. Messerli is familiar with many of the best rehab specialists in the region and will provide guidance for the rehab team. He knows many of the most effective physical and occupational therapists, athletic trainers, yoga and pilates teachers, Feldenkrais practitioners, massage and Hellerwork therapists, chiropractors and craniosacral therapists, acupuncturists and Rolfers, etc. If conservative treatments are inadequate and surgery is a good option, Dr. Messerli collaborates with many of the region's surgeons and will assist in getting you a consultation with the best surgeon for your needs. 

Medical School

Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine | Athens, OH Cleveland Clinic | Cleveland, OH


University of Washington, Rehabilitation Medicine | Seattle, WA


EvergreenHealth Sport & Spine Care | Kirkland, WA


University of Washington Medical Center | Seattle, WA

Personal Information

My wife and I were raised in Minnesota and received our medical training in Ohio and Washington. My wife is a registered dietitian, marvelous cook and nutrition blogger, and exercise physiologist. We live an active and healthy Pacific Northwest lifestyle. We and our daughter enjoy hiking and camping, mountain and road biking, paddle boarding and kayaking, golf and tennis, downhill and cross-country skiing.

Community Involvement

Dr. Messerli advocates for patient care and access by volunteering on the Health Policy division of the Spine Intervention Society, doing pro bono advocacy work when health insurers attempt to inappropriately limit coverage policies, and consulting with national agencies for the development of evidence-based clinical treatment guidelines and medical imaging appropriate-use criteria.
Dr. Messerli has been a team physician for Crossfire Premier Soccer, the UW lacrosse team, and several high school football teams. He has done volunteer medical coverage for a number of local marathons and endurance races. He has been an ad hoc educator for Safe Kids Eastside, the Northshore School District, and EvergreenHealth community seminars. He has participated with medical missions and research in Ecuador.


September 27, 2021
One of the best providers I currently interact with.
August 02, 2021
Dr Messerli was very patient and attentive to my concerns. He was sensitive to my pain and made every effort to help and explain my condition and my options.
July 26, 2021
Did a thorough exam, listened & came up with great plan.
July 06, 2021
My only concern was he said he would call in a couple of days regarding things he wanted to find out about. I call him if I didn't get the call. I never got the call so left messages for dr. on 2 occasions. No response. Scheduled another appt.
June 23, 2021
Awesome provider! Good listener.
June 15, 2021
I have already given Dr Messerli's name to family and friends. He is a fabulous, caring, educated man and the best Dr I have seen for this problem in a very long time.
May 20, 2021
Dr. Messerli is such a good patient advocate. he was the only provider of >5 in the past 7 years who listened to, believed, and truly helped me with my knee issue. after years of being gaslit by other male providers, he was the first to ever invest in looking beyond the obvious to help diagnose what was happening to me. he was willing to see me quickly and never gave up on helping me find what was wrong with my knee. I wish all doctors were as attentive, committed, and had humility like Dr. Messerli.
May 03, 2021
Dr. Messerli is VERY good at what he does and helps me through pain phases and comes up with practical strategies for me - I trust him.
April 14, 2021
I really like Dr Messerli. This time though, he sent me off to get X-rays and I didn't realize I wouldn't see him again. I still had some questions.
February 16, 2021
The doctor was unable to provide treatment options at my first appointment because he did not have the images from my other doctor at the time.
January 07, 2021
Dr. Messerli was a good communicator and very pleasant I enjoyed the visit with him!
January 04, 2021
Was more focused on sending me off for X-rays, physio, or MRI's than examining my neck.
November 24, 2020
Very concerned about my health & treatment. I would have appreciated more discussion on other options if any and what more I can do for myself & prognosis, if any.
November 11, 2020
The doctor did not have any of my charts so he went in without any information about my case. Why is this acceptable with American Healthcare?
October 21, 2020
Good experience.