Family Maternity Center

Each delivery at EvergreenHealth's Family Maternity Center is memorable because you make the choices regarding your birth experience. We listen closely to what you want and honor those choices.

Our philosophy of family-centered care respects your values, beliefs and choices.

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Welcoming Baby

Welcoming Baby – it's what you can't wait to do and what EvergreenHealth is overjoyed to help you with!

Learn more about creating an extraordinary experience as you welcome baby, your way.

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Your Birth Plan

It all begins with your personal birth plan, which details your wishes for every aspect of your birth and hospital stay. 

Let us know your preferences for labor options, monitoring, interventions, pain relief and postpartum recovery.

Our staff will make every effort to fulfill your expectations, allowing you to concentrate on the amazing process of having a baby.

Download our birth plan template, customize your desired birth experience, then file it with your provider and with your Family Maternity Center registration. 

Online Preregistration

Image of Online preregistration lets our maternity patients provide their information at their leisure,  in the comfort of their home or office.

Simply preregister using your expected due date.

Information for Expectant Moms

Forms and information to help you prepare for your hospital birth.

What to Bring to the Hospital

Our maternity experts, and new mothers, have put together a list of what you should bring to the hospital.

Your Birthing Suite

EvergreenHealth was the first hospital in the Seattle area to provide single-room maternity care - where labor, birth, recovery and postpartum care take place in one comfortable, spacious, private suite.

There is plenty of room for family and friends to be with you for the birth, or visit later.

Learn more about our birthing suites 

Your Labor

Your personal labor nurse will be with you during all stages of labor and delivery, helping you through contractions and making you as comfortable as possible.

Getting to Know Your Baby

Our suites are designed for your baby to room with you, so you won't miss a minute with your precious newborn.

Your nurses are only a call away, and can offer expert assistance or advice whenever you have any questions.

The first hours after baby's birth are magical - babies are more alert, responsive and ready to feed than they will be for the next several hours.

This is an optimal opportunity to begin nursing your baby. Your nurse will be available to help you get started, and breastfeeding assistance is available 24-hours a day by our board-certified lactation consultants.

We offer daily Welcoming Baby classes to teach baby care basics, and your nurse will be there to assist you with bathing and diaper changes. If you miss class, or just need a refresher, check out our baby care videos.

Your Newborn's Safety

At the Family Maternity Center, your newborn's safety is our top priority.

  • Your baby will remain in your room, under your direct care and supervision.
  • Family Maternity Center staff members all wear easily recognizable photo ID badges.
  • Any new caregivers will be introduced to you by your nurse.
  • Your caregivers and your baby's physician are the only persons who should take your baby out of your room, and you are encouraged to accompany your baby at all times.
  • Our state-of-the-art infant security system includes a small plastic transmitter that is attached to your baby's ankle at birth. If your baby is brought close to any of our exit doors, the door will automatically lock and staff will be alerted.  
  • Video cameras, monitored at the nurses' station, track all comings and goings on the maternity center unit.
  • The Intensive Care Nursery is a secure unit; all family and visitors must be buzzed in by staff.