Eye Care Services

EvergreenHealth Eye Care is a comprehensive ophthalmology clinic offering:

  • medical care
  • surgical care
  • disease prevention


We offer a full range of eye care services including:

  • eye trauma and emergency care
  • glasses prescriptions
  • eyelid disorders and surgery
  • cataract evaluation and surgery
  • diabetic eye care
  • dry eyes and tearing
  • glaucoma diagnosis and treatment
  • flashes and floaters
  • iritis and other forms of uveitis
  • red eye and infections
  • ocular involvement in cancer, rheumatologic, neurological and other systemic disorders
  • cosmetic procedures including Botox injections


We integrate an electronic medical records system with state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic equipment.

The electronic system allows for accurate record keeping, on-line billing and minimized errors, improving the effectiveness and efficiency of patient care.