Childbirth Education

We offer our patients the choice of two fine childbirth education programs, depending on which best fits their needs and schedule.

We recommend registering by your fifth month of pregnancy (if not sooner) to ensure you complete your prenatal education at least a month before your due date.

Easy online registration is available for both options.

EvergreenHealth Childbirth Education

EvergreenHealth's childbirth education program helps you prepare for labor and delivery, and shows you how to prepare and care for your newborn. You'll also get information about communication and parenting styles to keep your family unit strong. The support continues through your baby's first year to help ensure that your new family gets off to the best start possible.

All classes are held at EvergreenHealth Medical Center and taught by certified childbirth and lactation educators.

For more detail on the EvergreenHealth Childbirth Education program, click here

Prepare the Nest - From Bump to Baby

Prepare the Nest offers comprehensive prenatal birthing, breastfeeding and newborn classes to help you prepare for the life-changing experience of motherhood.

All classes are taught by medical personnel, and are held either in the lobby of Evergreen Women's Health Center or at EvergreenHealth Medical Center.

For more detail on the Prepare the Nest program, click here