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You want – and deserve – quality health care and service at the best value.

That’s what we’re dedicated to providing through our clinically integrated physician networks.

EvergreenHealth Partners

The first clinically integrated network in the Puget Sound region, EvergreenHealth Partners brought together more than 500 employed and independent members of the EvergreenHealth medical staff to work cooperatively to provide the best possible care at a lower cost – resulting in a better value for you.

EvergreenHealth Partners is dedicated to:

Higher Quality Care and Service
Your care is guided by proven, evidence-based standards and your provider is meeting a high level of quality set and reviewed by them in partnership with his or her colleagues.

Access to a High Quality Provider Network
When you need a specialist, your primary care provider can confidently refer to EvergreenHealth Partners physicians knowing that they share the same commitment to high quality care and efficiency.

Care that’s More Coordinated
Because EvergreenHealth Partners physicians work as partners with established care guidelines, there is a coordinated plan for your care that takes you from your primary care provider’s office through specialty care and hospitalization.

Increased Value for Your Health Care Dollars
EvergreenHealth Partners physicians and EvergreenHealth work together to reduce the cost of care through streamlined processes and communication, fewer redundancies and group purchasing.

Eastside Health Network

EvergreenHealth Partners is now part of the Eastside Health Network, which also includes employed and independent providers from Overlake Medical Center and Clinics.

With over 1,500 providers on the Eastside and a broad range of locations, you have the flexibility to choose the providers who are right for you and in your neighborhood.

Learn more about the Eastside Health Network.