A New Kind of House Call

eHomeHealth Virtually Connects EvergreenHealth Providers to Patients

EvergreenHealth is using cloud-based software to help patients live as independently as possible by connecting care teams to patients in their homes.

Patients use the eHomeHealth platform and its personalized in-home technologies to track their own health information and share it virtually with their doctors, care teams and family members.

eHomeHealth helps patients track blood pressure, weight, pulse and blood-oxygen levels using sensor-enabled equipment that is kept at their home.

How does it work?

The sensors log biometric data on a daily basis and report it to a single platform, which can be accessed by care teams and family members from any device.

Home Health providers can log in to view a patient’s readings in real time and look for concerning trends in vital signs. If anything appears to be abnormal, clinical teams can intervene and help get the patient back on track.

Telehealth platforms like eHomeHealth help EvergreenHealth deliver more efficient care that helps patients and providers stay better connected.