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Healing Notes Music Program

The use of live music helps us create a unique and comforting atmosphere for both our patients and guests.

The music is provided by local musicians, who perform in the hospital lobby, hallways and approved patient rooms to lift spirits during a hospital stay.

Music's healing power

Studies have shown how music improves medical outcomes and quality of life for patients in various ways. A recent Harvard Medical School article describes music’s ability to reduce anxiety and stress associated with surgery, quell nausea associated with chemo and radiation therapies, aid in pain relief and even reduce the need for pain medication.

Healing Notes performances receive rave reviews, and the musicians enjoy performing and sharing their music with patients, families and hospital visitors. 

Expanding the program

EvergreenHealth Monroe plans to expand the Healing Notes music program by enlisting more musicians and entertainers from Snohomish County schools and the greater community. The goal is to provide patients with weekly performances as the program develops further.

The music program is also exploring ways to set up closed circuit broadcasts of performances to be transmitted to television sets in patient rooms