Eat Well. Play More.

"Eat Well. Play More." is all about eating delicious, good-for-you foods and being physically active - and having fun doing it.

Eating well and playing more are easier to accomplish than you think! This site is packed full of ideas to introduce healthier foods into your menu as well as tips on how to exercise without feeling like you are.  Get ready to eat well and play more starting now!

Great Ideas for Exercise

Fall Chores
Fun on the Water
Horseback Riding
Indoor Exercise Options
Local Parks
Strength Training
Touch Football
Winter Sports

Tips for Healthy Exercise

Avoiding and Preventing Injuries
Beating the Winter Blues with Exercise  
Cold Weather Running Tips
Exercise Important at Every Age
Exercising while Pregnant
Get Ready for Baseball/Softball
Get Ready for Golf
Get Ready for Tennis 
Get the Most Benefit from Walking
Hiking Safety 
How Physically Fit are You? 
Rolling into Safety with Summer Activities 
Staying Active on Vacation 
What You Need to Know about Sunscreen

Living Well Through Exercise

Boost Your Child's Brainpower through Exercise
Exercise and the Brain
Exercise as a Stress Reducer
Exercise for Mental Health
Exercise to Manage Blood Pressure
Exercise Can Reduce the Risk of Cancer 
Keeping Fit at College 
Volunteerism: Good for Body and Spirit 
Fairs and Festivals Can Boost Your Physical and Mental Health

Great Ways to Eat Healthier

Cooking for One 
Eating Right for Arthritis
Eating Right for Diabetes
Eating Well on the Go 
Eating Well on Vacation
Healthy Eating for Pregnancy
Healthy Grab-n-Go Snacks
Healthier Eating at the Fair 
Healthy Fats Help You Eat Well
Healthier Picnic Basket
Healthier Tailgating
Helping Your Child Eat Well at College
Partying Hearty and Healthy
Runner’s Diet

New Foods to Try

Frozen Foods
Leafy Green Vegetables 
Spring Crops
Summer Vegetables 
Winter Vegetables

Foods to Help you Live Healthier

Apple a Day
Be a Sugar Detective
Eat Well for Brain Health
Eat Well for a Good Night’s Sleep 
Eating Well Can Help Your Summer Skin Glow
Limiting Your Sodium
Non-dairy Calcium Sources 
The Health Benefits of Eggs
Wet Your Whistle Wisely 
Eating Well Can Help When You’re Ready to Quit Smoking

Food and Activities for Managing Chronic Illness

Eating Right for Arthritis
Eating Right to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes
Eating Well is Important at Any Age
Exercise for Diabetes
Food Choices for Diabetes

Tips for Healthier Holidays

10 Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating
10 Tips to Stay Healthy during the Holidays
Give Thanks for Healthy Eating
Burn Those Excess Calories at Thanksgiving
Resolve to Eat Well in the New Year
New Year's Resolutions You Can Keep
You Can Eat Well at Summer Fairs and Festivals