Tori Gildersleeve, RN

Read her nomination story:

My adult daughter, Gretchen, used ED services September 2019 when she experienced severe chest pain at age 42. She was frightened and I came to be with her.

There was a nurse named Tori who came into the room and as an RN for 45 years, I soooo was on my high alert observation and Mama Lion game but she was AWESOME!

She was respectful. She was efficient. She explained everything including thought processes of trying to determine etiology of the pain. She was etiology in evaluating and treating Gretchen's pain. She included her in updates and diagnostic results. She took great care to dilute meds and infuse them with least possible side effects (I learned a few tips and tricks myself, and I consider myself excellent).

It thrills me to the bone that my daughter, who actually works at Children's and is quite a respected leader herself, received a most amazing care which was coordinated and orchestrated by Tori.

Thank you for 'gell-ing' repeatedly, thank you for careful flushing through the IV of the tiny amounts of drugs (I know you were swamped but you were extremely and consistently doing each thing with great care), thank you for getting meds for her extreme pain frequently and responding with action and updates consistently, thank you for your respectful demeanor, thank you for sharing the thought processes as the issues were solved. Thank you for looking and behaving as the professional face of the EvergreenHealth Emergency Department and from the get to, establishing a trusting relationship in the face of what I could hear was a very busy department to deliver care with compassion.

If my daughter was a dignitary or CEO of a famous company, she could never have received better care. Tori, I wish there was some way I could repay you for giving me the instant credibility in your services there, but I promise to try to present the same to my patients at Providence up the road.

To the folks at EvergreenHealth: You have a valuable asset in Tori and I so hope that you show her you value her individual performance and professional care. Everyone wants to matter.... we all want brilliant and smart, professional, compassionate, timely, respectful care. Tori delivers. I apologize for not knowing her last name but last names are not shared in your facility of care givers as they are not in mine.

Thank you for acquiring, training, supporting and maintaining the level of care Tori delivers.