Merrily Montanaro, RN

Read her nomination story:

I had been in CCU for several days (after having an allergic reaction to penicillin, went into cardiac arrest…was also in for extremely low sodium count and pneumonia) was taken to the 5th floor for one day then sent back to CCU.

This day was very hard for me emotionally, I was just finally really processing what had gone on over the last several days. Merrily felt my distress and made sure to spend a little extra time with me. She asked me if “I was a woman of faith?” I said yes and the rest was pure magic. She was an angel sent to me from above! She helped me feel calmer, she sang to me, she prayed with me and for me.

She told me stories…but she also listened. She had a heart of GOLD!!! Her spirit was such a gift to me during this difficult time. Merrily helped me to find my strength and courage to face my challenges ahead.

I will be forever grateful for her kindness and for the whole CCU nursing team! Evergreen is a fantastic hospital.

Grateful, Debbie.